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Friday, June 15, 2012

Where in Oregon is this thing?

The owner of this property really did put a bird on it, but it's not in Portlandia -- is it?

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That's in Hillsboro.

Can you pull it up on Google Maps?


Address is at the bottom of the story.

The address is 15270 SW. Holly Hill Rd., Hillsboro, OR. But forget the plane - who owns the compound on the top of the hill next to the Campbell (Boeing) property? It's so big it has a parking lot for guests. It has hedges and fences, gated drive, is probably about 20-30k sf and has a cool modern moat surrounding one wing with one side that look like a lap pool. There's a playground in site - for the kids or grandkids? It's fun to ogle, but who lives like this this far north of California?

I bet it is chilly in the winter and that front support for the landing gear looks a bit precarious to me.
Building codes? Poor guy...now he's been outed.

Man, where have you been? I remember the day back in 2001, 2002...I was working in Beaverton and saw an odd-looking Boeing 727 making a low pass over the west side of town. That's it. Spent quite a bit of time at the field east of the Fairgrounds getting prepped for the move.

I hear 747s are available cheap, especially the -100 and -200 models; of course moving it is another story. 727s are much easier to move and the older 737s are even easier (about 2/3rds as long as a 737). DC-10s and L-1011s are easy to buy (nobody wants them!) but harder to move (widebodies)...and fewer and fewer of them are in flyable condition.

I doubt he's been "outed"...given all he's done to get to this point - plus having the plane stored temporarily on county property - I'm sure the building codes folks think this is a cool project. Now if it were in Portland, they'd have a spazz and try to fine him for everything - unless, of course, it was draped in solar panels, wind turbines, and was otherwise "green"...oh, and if he was a major Sam Adams supporter, then the City would be all for it.


That home you were asking about is the home of Travis and Donna H Knight. Travis is the son of Phil.

I wonder why the plane isn't marked?

I saw one of these plane homes on TV and it had to be marked with Xs because pilots overhead kept reporting it as a downed aircraft.

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