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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Surprise! Gatsby at the Lloyd Athletic Club!

It sure looked like him in the weight room late yesterday afternoon. Far from his loved ones.

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He's gonna need some upper body strength to carry around that new little bundle of joy.

Apparently he is on KGW 'Straight Talk' tomorrow. His semi-annual visit to his "constituents".

I like the irony in Sen Wyden's press release from yesterday:
Wyden Calls on Forest Service to Add More Air Tankers Prior to 2012 Forest Fire Season

Air drops when fighting fires look cool, but if the hand crews and bulldozers and pumper trucks can't get into the forest you might as well tinkle on them from Portland.

"Outrage won't die down over Wallowa-Whitman forest road closure plan"

Rep. Bowtie belonged to Lloyd Athletic Club before he became a millionaire.

I would have thought they both moved up to the MAC by now.

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