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Friday, June 22, 2012

Nurse Amanda is ready for some dirty money

The queen of "clean money" -- who said that she couldn't run for office unless the taxpayers paid for it -- is now willing to take $250 per contributor. That's up from the $50 limit she set in the primary.

Fritz has reportedly contributed more than $180,000 to her own campaign. Her opponent, a former high-level City Hall bureaucrat and a long-time member of the Goldschmidt party, has tons of money from all the powers that be in Portlandia. We'll probably be holding our nose and voting for Fritz in November, but we won't cry too hard if she loses, as we have long predicted she will.

Comments (3)

Keep thinking Smith, Novak, "The Legend", Spineless the Jellyfish.

Nolan helps how?

You need somebody mean to go with all the stupid.

Several months back I told Amanda I was actually considering voting for her; which she commented brought a smile to her face. The spouse did, where as I chose to vote for a third party. Now we will probably both vote for her so why not throw a few dollars her way as we can not afford someone like Nolan. The kids who live in Albany (son and daughter in law)did comment on Amanda's style of clothing in her advertising...wait until they take notice of Nolan.. realize this sounds petty but this is a fact of campaigning.

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