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Friday, June 29, 2012

Mr. Smith goes to San Diego

He may be running for mayor of Portland, but Jeffer-Sten Smith obviously views himself as some sort of national figure. Just as his dad seems to see himself as Joe Kennedy, it must be that Lil Jeffy (who turns 39 for the first time today) thinks he's JFK.

We pointed this out back in January, when nobody gave him a serious chance against Eileen Brady; Smith was off to Washington, D.C. to meet with supporters there. Now he's going to San Diego, with the same type of smarmy Facebook come-on he used earlier:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 5:00pm

Home of Hon. Kevin Beiser and Dan Mock, 8262 Kaplan Drive, San Diego, CA, 92123

You’re invited to meet Portland, Oregon's progressive mayoral candidate, Jefferson Smith. He's attracted national press as a good government campaigner. Joe Trippi said it's "A Glimpse of What Politics Can Be." Daily Kos called him "a rock star in the making."

Jefferson’s ideology is civic engagement and his leadership is renowned. His decade old non-profit is now a national model of hands-on democracy. His colleagues in the Oregon House elected and re-elected him to house leadership. He gave the University of Oregon’s commencement address in 2012, introduced President Obama in 2008, and helped move Portland’s money out of private banks and into credit unions -- all before being elected citywide.

In the primary, Jefferson gathered more individual contributors faster than any campaign in city history, held 107 house parties, and knocked on more than 49,000 doors. For November’s general election, he needs to connect with even more people. And you can help.

More information -- and a link to donate -- can be found at www.jeffersonsmith.com.
You can follow the campaign on Facebook at www.facebook.com/forwardwithjeffersonsmith

Many thanks to our generous co-host committee and to Elizabeth Leventhal and Hon. Kevin Beiser for making this happen: Hon. Bob Filner, Hon. Marty Block, Hon. Marti Emerald, Hon. Todd Gloria, Hon. Richard Barrera, Hon. Dave Roberts, Hon. George Gastil, Hon. Tim Nader, Hon. Humberto Peraza, Hon. Maria Nieto Senour, *SDCDP Chair Jess Durfee, *SDSPOA President Jesus Montana, Francine Busby, Bruce M. Abrams, Crystal Crawford, Dwayne Crenshaw, Brian Polejes, Stephen Whitburn, Laurie Black, Carol Waldman, Gary Rotto, Scott Silverman, Christopher Ward, Dan Mock, Don Mullen, Johnny Logan, John Falchi, Jerry Ollinger, and Martha Sullivan.

Wow. This guy is running for Portland mayor on out-of-state money; making it obvious that Portland City Hall is his stepping stone to something else; or all of the above. We wish he'd find a gig in San Diego and stay there.

Comments (9)

Bay Area environs seem a much more likely fit. He must have some money ties to San Diego. I can't envision his shtick there flying more than a couple of feet.

a rock star in the making? I just threw up a little bit.

Daily Kos called him "a rock star in the making."

Haven't we learned our lesson? Less rock stars, more people that can balance a budget.

I never knew Jack Kennedy...but son ...your'e no Jack Kennedy

5 or 6 years ago, it was widely known that he was positioning himself for a run for Governor. Now, I'm not so sure...being mayor of Portland isn't going to bring you a ton of votes down in Medford or out in Pendleton. Now I'd say he's looking to inherit Earl's comfy can't-lose House seat in 4 years.

Oh my... The big 0 deleted your integrity/sleaze comment.

Hardly surprising - Jack tends to beat them to the big stories.

"Jack tends to beat them"

Let's see how the shoe fits on the other foot.

Dear Jack,
It's sad that you're a bitter old man. It's even sadder that you are a bitter old man with young kids. Because when you kick off, it will be up to the community to take care of your responsibilities as a father. And that requires good local governance, something you wouldn't recognize if it crawled up your colon and built a bridge to your caustic heart.



Smells like urban planning overlords.

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