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Monday, January 9, 2012

Free baloney

Here's a funny one: Portland mayoral candidate Jeffer-Sam Smith is going to have a campaign event in Washington, D.C. this week. His many fans in that city will take a one-hour break from kissing up to Ron Wyden and spend some time telling Smith how beautiful he is. He's about to get his butt kicked in the primary election, but for now he can keep on posing.

There's a come-on for the event on Facebook, here. We don't know if that link will work for everyone, but here are some highlights:

A nationally-relevant progressive leader. Jefferson has been called "a progressive hero" by 50 Simple Things author Jon Javna, "a rock star in the making" by Daily Kos... and was recently named 2011 Small Business Champion by the Oregon Microenterprise Network....

In 2008, Jefferson was elected to the Oregon House. Elected and re-elected to leadership by his colleagues, he successfully championed "Cool Schools" to retrofit schools and create jobs, online voter registration to increase access to voting, the Human Trafficking Notice bill, and “Grow Oregon” to bring market research and best practices to local entrepreneurs.

Jefferson has the right skill set to connect the progressive energy of Portland with what is happening nationally.

The election offers an important choice. Of the major candidates in the race, Jefferson is:
...the only candidate not to urge premature ouster of Occupy camps.
...the only candidate to publicly support the 2010 progressive tax measures in Oregon.
...the only candidate not to criticize the Communities of Color Coalition’s proposal for a City Office of Equity.

And Jefferson would be the only mayor in Portland history to live in East Portland, one of the most challenged, diverse, and under-served areas in Oregon.

Smith has so many problems that it's hard to know where to start. Let's hope he has a productive trip, and meets up in Washington with someone who will give him a good gig there -- a permanent one -- starting this summer.

Comments (15)

Sounds like he's trying to get the Sam Adams hipster vote, all right.

Is this the future for Portland? Local politicians will just start campaigning in DC and New York?

Because that is the ultimate audience of our ridiculous "build a train and put a bird on it" policies in this town anyway. What are the odds he mentions food carts in his speech?

Self-aggrandizing. Puke.

"...the only candidate not to urge premature ouster of Occupy camps."

Careful, or you'll pull a nuance muscle.

The only redeeming quality for Smith is the fact that he chooses to live in East Portland. The rest of his "accomplishments" are self-aggrandizing crap.

As of 11:03 today he hasn't filed. Why is that?

"... can we drop a little bit of the progressive baloney?"

Hardly a redeeming quality.
Did he choose to live in East Portland, or a calculated move for his career?

"And Jefferson would be the only mayor in Portland history to live in East Portland..."

Depending on how you define "East Portland", since McCready, Goldschmidt, and Ivancie all lived in Irvington.

In my opinion, this trip shows Mr. Smith really wants to go to Washington.
...used East Portland as his stepping stone
...runs for Mayor for name familiarity
...thus the road appears paved to D.C.

50 Simple Things....And Jefferson Smith is #1 on that list!
How appropriate.

Now that in the hope and change era DC is the highest income metro area in the country, it's a must do fund raising stop for aspiring politicians from throughout the land.

I'm surprised he hasn't co-opted the Jefferson Dancers.

"...the only candidate not to urge premature ouster of Occupy camps."

Too bad - Portland Occupy could have been like Washington DC Occupy today!

From the Washington Post today:

"Akhter, who is originally from Pakistan and has worked for the District government for over 20 years, said that the situation in the two parks is reminiscent of refu­gee camps he has toured overseas in the Middle East and Africa during his public health career. He said he fears disaster could strike during a severe winter storm.

“Going down to these camps, it’s no different than refu­gee camps,” Akhter said. “People are living in very primitive conditions and they’re doing it by choice.""

Smith is actually interviewing for his next job..
He knows he wont be mayor.

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