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Saturday, June 2, 2012

More new food rules in New York City

The soda size limit is just the beginning, apparently. The health bureau at New York City Hall is working on a much broader long-term program to reform consumer behavior:

Restaurants must cut all food into bite-sized pieces before it is served to the customer. Food served to customers 65 years old or older must also be pre-chewed by the restaurant staff.

The whole thing is here.

Comments (4)

Both Jon Stewart and Colbert had great riffs on this last week. My favorite was when Stewart showed a frozen hot chocolate that would be legal in New York, until it melted.

Prison...or the nursing home...same thing, really.

Pre-chewed? OK, I'll take mine Kosher, please.

Geeze, let's just end the debate once and for all.

All food shall be dispensed only by the appropriate authorities, and only for the amount necessary for that meal's consumption. Each resident shall be given set times to obtain their three daily meals - no resident shall receive additional rations, nor shall be permitted to "stock up" on unused rations they choose not to partake in.

Not only will the government have total control of our food intake, but think of all of the restaurants that will be put to higher and better uses!!

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