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Monday, June 4, 2012

Kevin Durant one win away from NBA finals

His Oklahoma City team finally gets a victory in San Antonio and now has two chances to close out its series with the aging Spurs. After the game, he got a big hug and kiss from his mom at courtside. The guy's a legend at age 23, and we still think, as we have for the last month, that OKC will go all the way.

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Happy tonight

Heat vs Ok – definitely watching all the games

Boston vs Ok – probably watching most of the games

Spurs vs Heat – probably not watching any games except a game 7

Spurs vs Boston – definitely not watching any games, not even a game 7

It's pretty amazing that he's this good and only 23 years old. I haven't heard about any significant injuries through this point at least. Lots of upside to this guy's future, and he isn't a massive jerk like pretty much every other "star" in the league. Sort of a throw-back to the Magic Ervin Johnson, Kurt Russell kind of guy.

BILL Russell...that was embarassing, but you have to forgive me I'm only 47 years old.

At least you didn't say Nipsey.

Good time to point out tat the Blazers could have drafted him instead of Oden?

Guess not.

Amazing how fast the air is going out of the SPurs balloon. I really don't care as long as they can beat the Heat.

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