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Friday, June 15, 2012

Chain chain chain, chain of saws

One of our most read posts on this blog has to do with our next-door neighbor's plum tree, which drops sticky unwanted fruit all over the place in late summer. Googlers come across that post from far and wide. Last year, we wrote about a neighbor down the street a ways who talked the city into letting her cut down an old plum in front of her house; that tree was way past its prime. Now the folks on the other side of her have received a similar dispensation, and yesterday, their plum disappeared:

We've still got the tired old one next door to us, though, waiting to knock our power out some icy winter night. Maybe when we're all wiping plum juice up off our rugs next month, we'll suggest to those folks that they join in the clearcutting and plant something small and tidy.

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My neighbor has four of 'em, which loomed over our back hedge, dropping little fruits all over the place - until I purchased an extensible lopper with saw. All branches extending over the hedge and into the yard no longer exist. Problem solved.

I bought a house with two of those in the setback, and spent years scraping them from the sidewalk with a snow shovel each summer.

Then I discovered they actually taste pretty good -- usually more tart after a wet spring, and sweeter after a dry one. They make great jam, and umeboshi if you're into that.

The best thing, though? Fantastic plum wine.

So now I just shovel until picking time, then take off 30 pounds or so for home use, and shovel again after picking for all the one's I missed.

Would not trade it for the world -- we do have some good summers.

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