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Thursday, May 24, 2012

How much longer will the O be a daily paper?

From the looks of things, perhaps not too much longer. [Via WW.]

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Not only that, but the Times-Picayune ( http://www.nola.com ) and several other papers also owned by the same company recently changed their websites for the far worse. I am hoping that the same changes are not being planned for Oregonlive.

On a related note, wouldn't going to 3 days a week make the paper EVEN MORE out of date than much of its content already is??

Look at how much more green and sustainable this new publishing schedule will be. I’m all for it.

That would put an end to it for me. It's a daily habit. I can probably break it once, but not every day.

I used to be a staunch supporter of my local major newspaper, but after it changed hands a few years back and I slowly noticed that the journalism was consistently poor, I broke the habit and said goodbye.

I wouldn't have minded if they'd simply dropped the print edition and went all online if the reporting stayed decent, but that's not the way it went.

It's a shame, but all things come to an end sooner or later.
Besides, I can get paper for the birdcage elsewhere for free.

Given how much the news paper has shrunk in the last three years or so - the Sunday paper is missing a lot of the popular sections; the Monday paper is barely worth even printing...

Portland is supposed to be the most sustainable, "green" city - yet Denver has us beat by eliminating the daily newspaper. Think about all of the paper, that toxic ink, and the motorized delivery carriers (papers aren't delivered by bicycle anymore, shockingly enough - I did it as a kid back a few decades ago before bicycling was "cool").

Since the paper is so one-sided that it usually only covers half of any story, and since in the recent election it had printed coverage of less than half of the candidates in any given race; does the paper really need to ne printed more than three days (less then half) of the week?

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