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Friday, May 25, 2012

Even worse news at 22nd and Broadway

First Kettleman's sold out. Now Costello's Travel Caffé is closing. Sunday's the last day. We have had such sweet times in there as a family. Another great local institution folds. Awful.

UPDATE, 7:23 p.m.: The O picks up the story here.

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Bummer . . .

Dang. They always looked pretty busy, good little neighborhood stop. Hopefully something good takes the space, although I'm guessing the rent is pretty high

Too bad. Nice family and a nice independent shop. Hopefully they're closing by choice and not because of economics.

In my opinion:

More of this unfortunately will be happening in our city, as a result of terrible mismanagement of decision makers, state, metro, council, and county.

I think we know what happens when the perks have gone repeatedly to vested interests.

At a time of great economic difficulty in our country, we needed to be prudent, but have not been. The debt is incredible but spending on unnecessary projects continues.

I know about the water issue as an example. I have been to meetings where people have said that with all the increases, that their discretionary money will be going to those increases, tax, rate increases, food, etc. Others have said they no longer have discretionary funds and will have to leave the city as they can no longer afford to stay here and they are sad about having to leave their home and that their children cannot afford to make a home here either.

Discretionary funds, when no longer available will really affect these local businesses, as there is less money available to support them. When money is tight, do you stay home or go out for the evening? In addition, to less support, on the other side, the city increases fees on businesses. I was told that a bagel shop got additional bills from the city on some "grease" matter. I was told that businesses can no longer tolerate continuous increases in the water rates.

Alas, our community has been painted into a corner, by greed and elected officials who have betrayed us, as they have not represented our interests.

Just yesterday, Shaff from PWB went before Council on the water rates, and are claiming that they must start by July the Kelly Butte project. Shaff testified that the LT2 Review is taking six years and that they have to stay in compliance with the 2009 deadline.
As I understand it that deadline was set up by the PWB. In my view, at the very least then, that Kelly Butte project should not be started until the end of that six year review period. This is another example of what is not needed and leadership laying down using that LT2 as an excuse to move forward and fast track rather than saying NO. We should get at least what NY got, a reprieve until 2028.

Those interested a link to the hearing:

16:19 The water rate portion begins with Shaff.
26:00 Citizen testimonies begin.

That's kind of a strange neighborhood in some ways. I used to live around the corner from this spot, in Sullivan's Gulch, about 7 years ago, and it hasn't changed much. Despite the fact that there are tons of apartments in the area, as well as all the single family houses in nearby Irvington and Grant Park, you'd think the area would be more lively.

I'd guess that, unlike the hip Alberta or Mississippi neighborhoods, the population is more diverse culturally and not dominated by any one subculture, it isn't quite as transient, and there was no mass displacement of the former residents resulting in cheaper rents and a wave of gentrification.

Sucks that Costello's is closing---it was a great meeting place for the community.

Occasional return trips to neighborhoods and streets east of the river (where I grew up but no longer live because I have to be close to work) remind me why being targeted as an urban renewal/blighted area is more of a curse than a blessing to the people that live there. The east side is rich in local small businesses of all kinds. These businesses don't exist in this way in the NW where it's now all condos or places like Pottery Barn and upscale clothing stores. The useful, necessary, locally-owned and operated businesses can't afford the lease space in the gentrified, "renewed" areas.

#$%@!! I love this place! I realize that it shouldn't be a problem to find somewhere else to get coffee in Portland, but this was a truly special venue. I am sorry they are closing the doors. Costello's Travel Cafe will be missed.

What a loss! Delicious food and rich, tasty coffee. The atmosphere and setting is so cozy whether in a group or alone. Thank you, Costello family, for all of your hard work. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.

Such a nice place--I will miss it. I will have to stop in at the market. I hope I will find my favorite treats there.

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