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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Legend Dan understands litigation

The lawsuit challenging Portland's crazy diversion of water and sewer revenues to the Sam Rand Twins' pet projects continues to pay dividends. Activist litigation seems to be the only kind of public involvement the politicians and bureaucrats of Portland actually respect. They need to see more of it.

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I like how the mayor says it's all related to storm-water drainage. By that argument, so is a bear pissing in the forest.

Get ready, Portland. I believe we're going to be hearing from Scott Fernandez soon on the Water Bureau shenanigans.
You think you know, but you don't know.

I wonder if Dan understands litigation if the Tryon Life Community Farm off Boones Ferry Rd next to Tryon Creek State Park is added to the Water Bureau lawsuit? He was the major supporter of giving CoP sewer/water money to allow the 18 person "eco urbanvillage" to occupy the old farm. They somehow claimed it was all for water quality. Sure.

I'm sure their herd of goats on the property are adding to the quality. But farmers down the valley and on the eastside have to do all kinds of mitigation to protect from runoff to streams, etc.

A steady rain of lawsuits is what the city needs. Sam and his crew of bozos have made a complete mess of things. They won't fix it unless they are forced to.

It appears that almost everything they have been doing is at least somewhat illegal. There seems to be a constant mixing of public and private funds as well as spending that has no relationship to the funding.

The PDC is most likely full of graft and corruption as are most of the real estate deals cooked up by the city. Metro, TriMet and the School Board are all just as messed up and ripe for lawsuits.

Let's face it, liberals are incapable of actually managing anything. They are so consumed with trying to change the world, that they can't actually focus on managing anything properly. It isn't that hard to keep the street maintained, but a job like that is just too boring for the clowns we elected. These clowns think they need to fly to Europe to talk about public/private partnerships, or build LEED Loos or some other silly stunt.

Focus on the job you useless twits and stop falling in love with every new shiny toy (or intern) that shows up!

AB -

You are so right about the Tryon Life Community Farm.

Its is pathetic the way the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI) went into the tank for this boondoggle. So, too, did far too many of the Neighborhood Associations in SW, led by the clowns in Arnold Creek.

Utter lack of critical thinking.
Typical performance od Bogerrt and the true believers.

Shame Bogert wasted so much energy on such silliness, while lying to her board about internal thefts by employees.

Something I don't understand about the Loo marketing deal, why does the city think it has to market them ?
Why not just let the guys who build them, a private company, market them.
And just give the city a cut of the sale.

Question: if the lawsuits pass, who pays? Do you think it comes out of Scam and Rand's PERS accounts?

Well, gee, of course the taxpayers pay. But one hopes there will be an injunction against future abuse. And much, much embarrassment for the people who are currently running Portland into the ground.

Agreed. Lawsuits get their attention. And if it actually costs them money they would really pay attention.

The only way to get them to prioritize and focus on the few things they should actually be doing in City government is to go law-suit-crazy on the pile of things they do that are none of their business and certainly have nothing to do with our money.

Scandalous and pathetic - why do we put up with this? and why do we have 3 more jokers aching to further destroy our city. A liar, a fraud and an over-grown child - great - just great.

I hear that he is about to ask the other four of the gang of five to join in cutting a special deal for "urban core" non-conforming sewer customers that is substantially better than what got cut for 15,000 (?) outer East "customers" who were forced to connect en mass. It would be difficult to imagine a better defining example for whacking the litigation hornets' nest. Holy class action, Batman!

One can always hope the bevy of litigation and the ensuing discovery requests will eventually turn up the criminal stuff that may be (probably is likely) going on. The goal should not just be to have injunctions. The goal should be to have Hero Randy, the lying Mayor and Crony Shaff ending their "careers" on a raodside work crew. Imaginge all the watershed projects they could do digging ditches.

I have a feeling that savvy legal consul has been in the shadows all along guiding the footsteps between what's prosecutable and what's sleazy-but-they-can't-touch-you.

In 2003 the Friends of the Reservoirs and named individuals filed a lawsuit against the City (Water Bureau) as a result of the City's failure to adequately disclose the purposes of the creation of public indebtedness (revenue bonds) such that citizens could determine if they wanted to exercise their right to collect signatures (a daunting prospect) to refer the bond to a vote.

The court ruled in our (FOR) favor agreeing that the City had failed to adequately inform the public of the purposes of the bond. The City reissued that particular bond removing controversial reservoir burial projects and delineating included projects.

In 2006 Randy's Leonard's appointee Shaff told the Portland Utility Review Board that the 2004 court ruling on the bond case did NOT set a precedent and that if citizens/ratepayers didn't agree with the opaqueness of the Bureau's creation of debt they could sue again.

....what's prosecutable and what's sleazy-but-they-can't-touch-you.

Good point Mr. Grumpy, as usual, you have the scene so scoped out!

How many more lawsuits can the citizens afford?
How many lawyers are willing to even take cases against the city?

Things are out of control when elected officials and others making decisions can move forward on questionable actions with "they-can't-touch-you" no matter how sleazy!

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