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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Important reminder

When Madonna breaks into "Vogue" during the Super Bowl halftime, you have to drink a shot of something strong.

We miss these guys.

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Best half time I ever saw was two grade school teams playing for twenty minutes, in full pads.

Poor Madonna. She just need to give it up. She's one click away from Indian Casinos. Good grief, don't these 'artists' ever get the idea that they never were and their half life is over?

"Good grief, don't these 'artists' ever get the idea that they never were and their half life is over?"

Applause is more addicting than heroin.

hopefully there won't be any wardrobe malfunctions

I don't think ONE is goin to do it....for ME anyway.

Last good Super Bowl half time show was the Stones.

Not bad Madonna.

Kelly Clarkson and the kids blew my socks off with the National Anthem.

Well, if you lip synch something you recorded 14 years ago, I guess you'll sound pretty good. Sad. IMHO

Well, is THAT going to make anyone wanna buy Bridgestone tires?

Did the Kia groundhogs, or chipmunks or whatever they are mess up and miss their cues? I did NOT know that KIA techno "shoot the robot" song was Madonna's.

The bar is open...whatdaya have?

Under the circumstances, either an Old Fashioned or a Kamikaze. Still, I appreciated the choreography. And, now I can see why the employment numbers bumped up a little last month. Cecil B. MeDonna!

Horrible, unbelievable non-call on that pass interference by Sterling Moore of NE!

You may not care for her or her music... but her 2008-09 concert tour made over $400 million... and set a record for solo performers... quite a click above the casino circuit.

Great sfx, too.

Kelly Clarkson looked and sounded great.
I had low expectations for the halftime show but was impressed. I thought it was pretty darn good from beginning to end.

I know a Clackistani who was there working the sound system for the halftime show.
I exchanged a few TM with him to find out where he was during the game.
He was on the sidelines on the Patriots side at the 25 yard line.

That In Living Color skit is one of the best pieces of comedy ever made. I know that's high praise but you have to understand when I first saw it. Living in Eastern Oregon and surrounded by willful ignorance masking as 'old school' or 'conservative' or whatever else people couch their stupidity in.

I flipped the channel from the half time show to the Wayans' show and man...I think my father had a heart attack. I was disallowed to ever watch that show again. And had lecture after lecture about god and rightness and other bulls**t people parade around as truth.

I've never lived down the creeping suspicion by my family that I am 'light in the loafers.' Though I have finally quit trying. And this In Living Color skit looms large in that narrative.

"Good grief, don't these 'artists' ever get the idea that they never were and their half life is over?"

cf. Most politicians.

They can't stand the ordinary guy, but, god, they love to stay in front of him.

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