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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy New Year

This morning, upon deciding that we should make a run to Kettleman's for some bagels (get 'em while they're real), we made the further decision to go by bicycle. Surprisingly, the tires didn't need air, and so we were on the road without delay. We encountered hardly a car, and the slight chill and breeze made the first ride of 2012 a nice one. We need to do more of that.

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We encountered hardly a car...

That's because they were all, seemingly, on their way up the mountain. Eastbound Highway 26 looked like the Banfield this am.

What a nice account. (Except for the M&A wrecking ball part.) It is a fabulous day to be outdoors doing almost anything.

Perfect timing - washed the car, mowed the lawn, trimmed some shrubs, and now its time for my bike ride. Lovely day.


How so urban density - hipster - carbon conscious of you!

I rode alone in my carbon-spewing large SUV up the Mtn to get some fresh air, sun and snow. Great day up there. But I would have gone by streetcar if they would only pave some tracks up there. Maybe after Milwaukee they'll go there next.

I drove out to Mt. Tabor alone (but in a small car, at least) and then ran a 5K race. The cold wasn't a problem once I was running, but boy, did it suck waiting for the race to start!

Don't sprain yourself.

I feel so inadequate.

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