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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day in Portlandia

Stenchy saw his shadow, which means there'll be two more weeks before the next garbage pickup.

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Well I really feel for you folks. I just paid my garbage bill for the next 90 days. It was $52.62 for the next 90 days of WEEKLY garbage pick ups. That includes recycling bins for papers and bottles and a huge 96 gallon trash can for all the rest. Also, they do not charge extra if you have a few extra cardboard cartons for pickup with your trash.

I have developed a strategy that Stenchy would applaud. I only generate a very small slop bucket or two each week, which of course barely covers the bottom of our gigantic green wheeled bin. On occasion however the garbage bin which is much smaller fills to overflow before the two week pickup occurs. The solution: Declare garbage as either compost or recycling and deposit as necessary. I am now waiting for the garbage cops to show up at my door. I will of course blame everything on Stenchy

Dean - they'll leave you a ticket with the detailed reasons they didn't pick up berating you for not separating correctly.

Then when you call to complain they'll berate you in person.

From what I understand a pizza box can go into the food/yard recycle can since the cardboard is food covered.

Using this rational any cardboard/paper product with food on it is now eligible for placement in the food/yard recycle can....

Jack - Where did you get your Stenchy Rat...I want one.

Dave A - Our bill is about $80 every 2 months for the substandard service in Portland.

Upon instant replay review...

Pursuant to rule, the ruling on the field is :

Improper cardboard sorting...

UNFINISHED PLAIN BROWN cardboard such as those from MOST take out, IS OK to place in Yard Debris (weekly pickup) "composting" roll cart PROVIDING you remove the plastic T cheese impact elevation tool.

HOWEVER, the FINISHED, COLORED and COATED cardboard such as those from grocery stores like "DiGiorno, Tombstone, California Pizza, Freschetta or Red Baron are NOT allowed because they cannot be composted.

Safeway's large fresh pizza boxes are OK IF you remove the see thru plastic window.

The ruling on the field is overturned.

15 yard penalty....automatic 1st down. The defense is not charged with a time out.

If memory serves, a non-trivial portion of the recycling volume (especially paper) ended up in the landfill anyways.

The only things that make monetary sense to recycle are aluminum (and other metals), and maybe some glass. Everything else loses money, and part of it still goes to the dump.

The rent-seekers just get their paws into the stream several times along the way. It's a type of indulgence... wash your sins clean by sorting into the proper color-coded sick-up pail.

As with all matters of faith, you can't learn much by questioning with logic...

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