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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blazers stuck in a loop

Now they're bringing Joel Przybilla back. Can Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje be far behind?

The Blazers have flailed around so aimlessly these last few years, with seemingly no one with any basketball sense in charge. It's hard to get behind them, not knowing where they think they're going.

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I laughed the day the Blazers won the lottery and could choose Oden or Duran. The Blazer crew were dancing with giddiness, pretty much implying they had just won their way to a basketball championship. I knew such celebration was very premature (if that).

The current Blazers aren't really very fun watch as they've turned like many teams simply into an outside jump shot team with very little inside presence. If I were GM I'd trade Batuum for one or two big guys. Get a good ball handling guard, and dish it to LA. Keep using draft picks till we get one or two decent centers to be able to slug it out with the lakers inside the paint.

Paul Allen probably sells the team within the next couple of years if it keeps going the outside jumper route. McMillan's probably gone after this season eventhough he's a fairly decent coach. I think it's better than 50-50 the Blazers don't make this season's playoffs; and not that really matters that much, because they can't get past any team with thickness down in the key.

If you want a consistent, positive story line from the Blazers, follow the development of Nic Batum. I hear people talk about him like he's a member of their family. They love the young man like a nephew who turned out well.

The Blazers would be out of their minds not to match any offer this July, and I bet they end up regretting the extra money they'll have to pay him for not getting his contract extension done.

Oh, and while L.A. has a chance to make the US Olympic team, Batum should be quite a factor this summer on the French team with Tony Parker, Noah, etc...

During the lockout, the French coaches said the Blazers weren't bringing out anything close to Batum's full potential. Since Nic has started at 2 guard, it's clear they were right.

Hopefully, our coaches will develop something for him in the half-court. If he had a hook shot from around 10 feet, he could be one of the most valuable players in the NBA.

Nic, take a couple of years and work in a hook shot. With your arms it would be...what's French for unblockable?

...what's French for unblockable?

Le Dwight Howard

Steve Blake will probably also be back soon.

Steve Blake will probably also be back soon.

He's parked up on Alameda right now...

don't startle him!

Bill Simmons said something the other day on a talk show that has stuck with me: "In basketball, you either want to be really good, or really bad." At least when you're bad you can score in the lottery. But the Blazers are just a middling team whose BEST case scenario is to lose in the first round of the playoffs. Rich Cho had it right--this team needs to be blown up and rebuilt. Allen didn't have the patience for that, so he fired Cho. And now has an "acting" GM who won't dare go against Kolde or Miller. Ugh. I'd rather be 15-51 this year than 34-32.

All great points Dave J..

Correct me if I'm wrong, but getting high lottery picks hasn't worked out too well in pasts both recent and distant.

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