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Thursday, January 26, 2012

They wouldn't have been "Lost" without him

The voice of countless memorable warnings -- especially "Danger, Will Robinson" -- has been forever stilled. We loved that show.

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I had a talking toy Robbie, I wished it could have said "Danger, Bark Munster" --

my gut talks like that... Danger, Will Robinson, The Tester Jester's found Crypto...

I was lucky enough to meet Dick Tufeld about fifteen years ago, and the word "mensch" didn't even come close to describing him. You didn't get much nicer than him in this world.

Times sure have changed. Today you can get all of the Robot's computer technology in a free iPhone app.

One of my favorite childhood shows, now does anybody remember the name of the episode where the weekly monster was a plant like spaghetti monster? It kind of looked like cousin it or seaweed but it had an eerie wa wa waaaaahhh sound.

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