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Friday, September 23, 2011

Moving right along

Sometime before the day is through, the 6 millionth visit to this blog will occur. Our last million-visit milestone was passed last November 20, meaning that we collected a million unique visits (as counted by SiteMeter) in 307 days, or 3,257 visits a day. Our last million came in at the rate of 3,195 a day, and so readership is up just under 2% over this latest stretch.

We're truly grateful to have this blog. For us, it's an outlet and a lifeline and a lot of other things. Thanks to our sponsors, lurkers, tipsters, correspondents, advisors, and especially our commenters for making it happen.

Comments (35)

Thanks to you, Jack. Without this blog the shady deals and government shenanigans in Portland would go unreported.

We are truly grateful to have this blog.

Only six million? It feels like most of that is my visits. Can't stay away.

I nominate Jack for the Phil Stanford Award for investigate reporting and community service.

Keep up the fantastic work Jack...this is a great blog with quality work that really shines.

Thanks for everything, Jack.

Thanks Jack. Without you we wouldn't have a clue what is really going on in the metro area.

Jack, your blog is a PLEASURE to read every day!.
Thank you for years of entertainment.

Thanks Jack.
Week by week, we get important news here.
Week by week, then we can get frustrated wondering whatever could possibly be next,
despite that, many of us do want to know.
Week by week, we can then comment, for many an outlet being able to write, share our concerns and thankfully know that we are not alone.

Thanks for keeping things interesting around here.

Numero Uno PDX blog bar none, thanks Jack! Got give a nod to the regular commentators here who add so much to the conversation. Usually it seems blog commentary always devolves into shouting and one upmanship so it's quite refreshing to find the exception here.

That's no Baloney, Joe. Love the back and forth between the regulars and despite differences, it seldom turns nasty. One can actually read and learn. Great job by the host to keep it interesting and on track.

Thank you, kind sir.

Educational, Rational (mostly), Entertaining and FREE!

Hard to beat that combo.

You do a very good job and most of us really do enjoy and appreciate all you do. Keep up the good work. From a conservative, independent and thanks to you, informed lurker!

Jack, I don't always agree with you and occasionally you even irritate me, but I hardly ever miss reading your blog. Thanks for doing this.

Isn't a metro area in the country that wouldn't be better off for having a Jack's Bog Blog. Here's to the next 6 million!


This blog saved me from talk radio, and I too refresh many times a day.

So I owe you big, so I'll say thanks and keep on keeping their feet to the fire!

I consider this my go-to resource for my upcoming move to PDX. Keep up the good work, Jack! You are one of the better ambassadors for Cascadia!

I must say you are brave for moving to pdx after reading this blog.
Good luck in your move.

BoJack is the Wassily Kandinsky (checkout "Concerning the Spiritual in Art") of the blog-o-spheres: the apex and all the rest are the redux.

Thanks for sharing.

I hail from Washington, D.C., clinamen. Your political corruption does not scare me! ;-)


It's kind of scary to consider how much might have been spent on therapy if not for the outlet of blogging. Mine is definitely an outlet, though it gets a few reads less each week than yours. ;-)


Great Work J , you have single-handedly made PDX a better place. The politicos and their lamestream press lackeys fear your truth-telling , and we salute you for it !

Thanks for everything you do! Your blog is my first stop of the day on the net!

Thanks for the years of continuous service through this blog. It's making a difference.

This blog has been an inspiration to me.

You mean this is more fun than tax law? Hard to believe.

Even when I don't agree with your views or your politics I am glad you are here. Keep up the good fight.


Just a quick question... perhaps obvious to most... My visits are counted as unique once per day?

Also, what's the prize for hit 6,000,000?

Is there a prize for furthest-away regular reader? I'm in Kuala Lumpur.

Site Meter's definition [of a visit] is "a series of page views by one person with no more than 30 minutes in between page views". 30 minutes is the "session" length timeout. The "session" length timeout is the amount of time that Site Meter waits for another page view from a visitors before it assumes they've left the site and are not coming back for a good while.

Like others have said: this is my first stop on the net in the am, and I come back often. I have learned so much and am entertained, informed and engaged because of this blog. Thanks Jack.

Thanks for a fun and interesting blog. Regards, Hal

When I want to read the "real" Portland news this is the place I go! That says it all.

Jack, you get more things changed, done, discussed, rectified and send a little humor along the way. Thanks

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