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Monday, August 15, 2011

The pedal hits the meddle

When we were over in Bend a few weeks ago, we noticed one of these contraptions cruising around on the streets of the city. The folks riding on it were pedaling away, making it go, all the while drinking beer and seemingly having a swell time. And without helmets, as we recall. An experienced driver was steering the cart for the partygoers aboard.

There's a Portland guy who wants to get one of the same rigs going on North Mississippi and thereabouts, but he and the city can't see eye-to-eye about liability insurance. Hard to believe that Portlandia's behind Bend when it comes to combining beer and bikes. But apparently, in the Rose City, red tape trumps everything else.

One solution to safety issues might be to confine the bike to less busy streets. But then again, an obvious byproduct of the "party bike" is boozy revelry, replete with potentially loud and obnoxious merriment. Imagine Last Thursday on wheels. Over in Bend, the thing goes all over, including through residential neighborhoods, and the locals seem to be dealing with it just fine. Only time will tell how the story will unfold here in the valley.

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I can see how that could be fun but I'm a bit surprised any city in this country would allow one of these things to operate.

You don't have to go to Bend - come to the Pearl on the weekends.

Looks like a Burning Man art car.

yea saw one on nw Raleigh in action , and parked in front of Bridgeport last nite , yeehaaw

Bikes, beer and Bend go together quite well. Bend has hosted the Cascade Cycling Classic, one of the longest running pro races in this country, for the past 30 years. Lance Armstrong won the race as part of his comeback from cancer before any of his Tour de France wins. Bend is home to a number of pro riders, including Chris Horner of Tour de France fame. Bend has hosted national championship bike racing for the past six years running and will host the Masters national championship later this summer and again next year. The US Gran Prix of Cyclocross, a national race series that has held its finale weekend in Portland since its inception, is moving to Bend this year.

are cyclists exempt from open container laws? Drinking in public?

You were in Bend a "few weeks ago"? Wow, didn't realize it had snowed there in July....))))

That's the CyclePub: http://cyclepub.com/

A friend of mine showed me a picture of that yesterday. Looked it up on the website. The taps on board only work when you're stationary. You can't take a keg when you bike because it's too expensive. You have to supply your own beer and food, so the rental fee you pay apparently just gets you a bartender (to divy out the beer you bring yourself) and the chance to pedal around.

Not worth it, to me.

Before we head out for a Tour, every rider must sign a form promising not to be loud or obnoxious. You may be loud OR obnoxious, but not both at the same time. It is permissible to be rude for up to 15 minutes, but you waive your right to be obnoxious. Of course you can still be loud. It's all spelled out in the Portland City Code. And if all the riders wear blinders, we can operate as a horse-drawn carriage and then kissing is allowed.

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