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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Small world

Our post of yesterday marking the 33rd anniversary of our move to Portland brought in a nice note from fellow blogger Joe Sherlock, who did us one better. He crossed the country from New Jersey in not one but two Volkses:

Congratulations on 33 years in Oregon.

Your post made me realize that we arrived in Oregon just a month before you -- from New Jersey also, towing our 1967 Beetle with our VW Scirocco. Traveling from Mt. Laurel, we arrived in Corvallis on 7/23/78. And have lived in the NW ever since.

I've posted a photo of our Beetle in tow here.

Here's to 33 more years.

You said it, buddy.

Comments (3)

"The Microbus wouldn't even reach 60 mph..."

I just rolled up the windows, always good for another 3-4mph.

But the VW Bus was probably the most dangerous vehicle on the road. A 20 mph front-ender nearly killed my dad. Nothing but tinfoil in front on the steering wheel. Safer riding a bicycle. At least you have a helmet.

Isn't that ecumenical, a guy from North Jersey acknowledging that Mt. Laurel is also in Jersey. Best wishes to all.

VW proved that dangerous piles of junk would sell well if marketed effectively. Or should I say, marketed defectively?

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