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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our quake prediction holds true

When a little earthquake went off in Scotts Mills Sunday night, we said we expected a corresponding little shaker over toward McMinnville within a day or so. In fact, there were two in that general direction yesterday: a 1.5 at lunchtime under the coast range between Carlton and Beaver; and another 1.5 about an hour and a half later just off Route 6 west of Banks (very near a place called -- and I am not making this up -- Idiotville).

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Set my earthquake preferences for 3.0 or bigger...maybe I should cut back to like 1 or something so I know of these..

They're tiny. They even get these over in the Buckman neighborhood from time to time. But it's interesting to see where the fault lines are. There's a connection between Scott's Mills and what's happening over McMinnville way.

Hey guys - just a small reminder about earthquake insurance. You can get a rider on your homeowner's policy for only a small extra amount of money. In California - where they have earthquakes all the time - it's near impossible to get that coverage; unless you have a policy decades old that you've maintained.

Funny, I always thought Portland's City Hall was Idiotville.

Dave A: What is a small extra amount of money? When I called our agent a few years ago to inquire about earthquake insurance, he quoted an amount that was nearly equal to our homeowner premium and it included a deductible that was 10% of the insured value.

John: For our East Portland home I think the extra earthquake rider was about $65-75.00 for the year. We had Nationwide as an insurer - so I'm not sure who you are getting quotes from.
I do know that some home insurance companies that have been burned on claims in the California market, have pretty much stopped writing riders for earthquake insurance. So that may be the case with your company..

We're insured by Allstate.

Believe it or not, we originally signed up with them at their booth in the Sears store on Grand Ave. I think it was in 1972. Maybe it is time to change.

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