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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mock the cops on the internet? Go to jail.

The First Amendment sure seems limited up in Renton, Washington.

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One commentor (among others) on the KIRO site had it right: the never plan to prosecute the cartoonist - just make life miserable enough so that he and others step back in line. Bow our heads. Respect our overlords and masters.

This is abuse of power and judicial malfeasance, and should be pursued against the police and the judge.

What a mob of constitutionally challenged whiney swine.... If this goes too far I see a fat payout coming from pork HQ

Out-RAGEOUS. There should be some laws passed against this sort of lawfare. Like, if you are caught trying to silence people through the court system, you get to pay the tab for widely publicizing the content you are trying to suppress. You know, full-page freaking ads about your conduct and the story you are trying to suppress, splashed in the local paper and on the blogs.

It's time to contribute again to the ACLU.

The story is now national. The police chief did the classical Streisand Effect. To protect a few in his department that didn't like the cartoons- that did not name them or the department- he shopped for a DA that would pursue the complaint -the first didn't. His actions now has focused the nation not only on the alleged allegations (he admits some are true)but also what is now described as multiple misconduct issues in the department. They had better hope they don't get the name of this nefarious cyber criminal. He will get a huge settlement and his attorney- a new boat. A good sum up is here. http://www.dailytech.com/Police+Mock+us+in+Cartoons+go+to+Prison/article22362.htm

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