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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Echoes of Chasse

Another fatal beating of a mentally ill man at the hands of police, this time in Fullerton, California, south of L.A.

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Another adult child screaming for help while being plastered to a pulp by these animals we call police officers.

Here's a jobs program. Send out people trained in self defense to visit all the chronically mentally ill people in their zip code to give them (and watch them swallow) their meds every day. Don't allow chronically mentally ill people to live on the streets. Offer them two choices: living space with daily medication supervision, or institutionalization.

Do the same thing with the chronically homeless alcoholics and drug addicts.
Alcoholics can have the meds that make them retch if they try to drink. Opiate addicts can be given methadone. (Crackheads and tweakers, well, they are a category unto themselves. Maybe some useful work can be gotten out of them when they're hopped up. "Invasive plant species clean-up for crackheads"- jobs program.)

If we just had billboard advertisements showing pictures of the state of people's dentition, and the ravaging early aging of their faces, that result from using meth for a few years, we could probably get rid of the meth problem altogether.

Who knows, maybe if we had rational social safety programs and we funded them properly, maybe the police force would attract fewer sadists and the officer life would promote fewer sadistic acts.

Instead of paying for a robust working safety net, we are paying government workers pensions to be comfortable in their old age. Makes me ill.

This seems like a real money-maker for PoPo. It took six Fullerton cops to beat the guy to death, a feat PoPo often manages with only two. PoPo could earn some fat fees by conducting seminars to show other cops how it's done.

I was in Southern California last week and heard several radio stories about the incident. Suffice to say that they are handling things down there the same way it happens in Portland. The officers involved are still on patrol while the investigation goes on, there have been no suspensions (as of last week, anyway), allegations of police / DA corruption, and there is talk of a lawsuit by the family - who, by the way, was unable to or could not provide the kind of support this poor kid needed.

From what I've been reading, the occifers in question are not on patrol.

One is on medical leave, having apparently got between one of his partners and the victim by mistake. One is on paid "administrative leave" (whatever the hell that is), and the others are parked at desks.

Take five minutes and listen to plan old citizens who just observed police beat a homeless man to death. No reporter. Just people talking to a bus driver.



Just like Portland, Seattle and Spokane.


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