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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Knute Buehler's day off

He'll take four years off from being an orthopedic surgeon if he's elected Oregon Secretary of State. But do we need another downstate doctor in state government?

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Kate Brown strikes me as a do nothing. But maybe I'm missing something?

I'm reading how 'the betters' of Clackamas county are trying to hoodwink the voters again. This time on urban renewal, or legalized theft and developer's 401K.

Lets hope: 1.) the REAL initiative passes; and 2.) voters start getting wise to the Ann Linninger's of Clackamas County.

Dr. Buehler is very impressive. Smart, yet humble. And he's worked on election reform, so he knows what the Sec of State's office actually does, and what it can do with the right person in charge.

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