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Friday, August 19, 2011

Jeff Cogen doesn't read this blog

Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen was quoted in the Trib yesterday as saying he didn't know how much Portland "urban renewal" -- and its reckless borrowing ways -- were costing the county:

The audit was released as Mayor Sam Adams prepares to seek council approval of a new urban renewal area to benefit Portland State University – an idea questioned by Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen. Because of the way urban renewal works, the city's program cost the county $26 million in uncollected property taxes last year. That amount is expected to increase this year.

"Those are staggering numbers," Cogen says. "I had no idea the city’s urban renewal debt was growing so fast. It has consequences for other governments that the city needs to take into consideration. I thank LaVonne for pointing it out."

Jeff, get an intern with a computer and a printer, and send him or her here, and here.

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My bet is that he could get line up an unpaid intern at that.

If he read your blog, he'd know that interns and staffers are available!

Just two years ago Cogen's predecessor as County Chair, made educating people about the costs of urban renewal one of his top priorities.

Wait ... This guy worked for Saltzman. He was on the MultCo commission with Ted Wheeler. And he doesn't know about urban renewal? Reminds me of the warden in Shawshank Redemption:

Andy Dufresne: How can you be so obtuse?

Warden Samuel Norton: What? What did you call me?

Andy Dufresne: Obtuse. Is it deliberate?

It's almost dereliction of duty for a county leader to not understand how badly urban renewal is screwing their constituents.

Sounds like a job opportunity for Sam's minions who will soon be without gainful employment.

Maybe one of the county's 99 p.r. officers could do some reading for Jeff.

Cogen thanks LaVonne for pointing that out!

Where has he been?

Oh thats right, he comes out of Saltzman's office. Trained about as well as Adams under Katz.

We need to stop the revolving door here, running from one government agency to another and bringing forth candidates out of Commissioner offices to perpetuate the same as usual.

Streetcar Charlie wants back in, that door should be slammed shut after the agenda he pushed here.

Seems like once they are in, in they stay or try to stay for life. Blumenauer is another one. Can't we just get folks to give a two to four year service to the community to take care of basics and move on in life rather than pay and pay for "political lifers" who for the most part then are more interested in their career and getting elected than working for the people's interest.

Oregonian and award winning reporter... oxymoronic

Shocked, shocked I say.

At least until the election is over. Then the usual suspects are back in charge.

More union employees = more union votes.

More developer subsidies = more campgain contributions

More "friends and family" giveaways = more patronage support.

The incumbents in P-town don't lose unless they choose to take a better paying job.

Nobody rocks the boat; everybody wins.

Maybe he needs a Management Coach at $200 bucks an hour.

Cogan is a liar. He knew full well the extent of the UR drain on the county.

His pretense of discovery is to shield himself from looking like a sap for ignoring it for years like all of his peers.

The whole cult is pathetic.

If he could find any integrity he would
abandon the phony posturing and for once demand the end to these ponzi schemes.


He knew full well the extent of the UR drain on the county

If he didn't, then what business does he have being the head of Multnomah County? The excuses these officials give is pathetic.

Familiar names, is that all we can vote for?

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