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Friday, August 19, 2011

It's the climate

Here's an interesting post about Facebook's Prineville data facility.

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Well, wadda ya know:

Meanwhile, Prineville's electrical utility, Pacific Power, derives most of its electricity from coal—a whopping 63% across its multi-state system (although it plans to halve that in the next decade, and has invested heavily in wind power). The coal component is not unusual. America as a whole generated 45% of its power from coal in 2009 according to the US Energy Information Administration. Firms like Google may trumpet centres placed along a scenic river—the information superwaterway—but most server farms burn a good amount of coal in their power mix.

Coal-fired electricity: Nature's kill switch.

Now, about those Hayden Island & Longview Terminal schemes....WTF!?

...and one skyscraper in downtown Portland burns about 14 times as much coal power as that data center. Go figure.

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