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Saturday, August 13, 2011

It gets spookier

Yesterday our readers voted Texas Gov. Rick Perry as the scariest GOP presidential candidate. And that's probably before they saw this.

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Mein lieber Gott im Himmel.

Oh WOW!!! Just like the para military guy in "Animal House"!

I'm sorry, but you just don't understand Texas circa 1970

Cadets - you expect them to be in tutus?

I don't "understand Texas" period; not then, not now.
We got GHW, then 'the shrub', and now "scary Perry". I wish the state would separate itself from the rest of us!

Portland native, Chicago has treated us better than Texas?

Linked Article: But Rick Perry as a brown-shirted cadet and cheerleader at Texas A&M University... whoa!
JK: How does that compare to the green shirts that run Portland? (You know - the ones that would do anything to save the environment.....except study science.)


I don't know what it is about him that makes me think of this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuAUI_0knfk

I'm thinking more along these lines:


One word: Niedermeyer.
"Is that a pledge pin in your uniform?!"

My wife's cousins owned and operated the shop that custom made those boots for over a 100 years. Her pair is stashed away somewhere upstairs. Y'all ought to go down to Bryan/College Station and visit some time.

So much for open mindedness and diversity...
That's directed at the comments being made here, in case you couldn't figure it out.

"So much for open mindedness and diversity...
That's directed at the comments being made here, in case you couldn't figure it out."

Ya know when Michelle Bachmann just barely edges out Ron Paul to win the Iowa caucus I'm surprised they are so restrained. This is a party where Reagan couldn't get nominated now-a-days. He'd be considered a raving liberal.

One should not throw stones in a glass house.... Since most of you voted for Obama, the one term disaster....

Hmmmm? - I wonder how much a McCain/Palin ticket could have improved our lot?

If this is all the Republicans have got, Obama might actually win.

"so much for open mindedness and diversity"

The comments directed toward Perry are a direct result of his record of being narrow minded and acting to thwart diversity. One need only look at the internets to find ample support for this conclusion:

1) His stance on religion (only Christians go to heaven; ^ "Perry believes non-Christians doomed". The Dallas Morning News. November 6, 2006.),
2) Gay marriage: "Perry Calls same sex Sodomy Law 'Appropriate'". Sodomylaws.org. Retrieved 2011-08-07.
3) Three weeks ago he said gay marriage was a state issue and one week later he said he would back a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.
4) His execution of a man who is at least "not guilty" but may even be innocent, and his derailing of a commission that would have brought these facts to light ( "From arson to politics: Why has Texas’s governor derailed a death-penalty investigation?". The Economist. October 22, 2009. Retrieved 2011-08-13.)
I'm no bed wedding liberal and actually believe the death penalty had a place in American criminal law, but Perry's arrogance in the face of substantial evidence of innocence was shocking.

So how is pissing on Perry somehow a lack of open mindedness and diversity, given Perry's record?

oops, "bet "wetting"

jesus I'm lame with my keyboard. You know what I mean.

Sounds like it is time to bring this back:


And proof of Ricky's lack of patriotism and belief in equality starts here:


"Passed after Gov. Rick Perry declared voter ID an emergency issue in the last session, the strict bill is touted by Republicans as a way to reduce voter fraud but decried by Democrats as an effort to lower voter turnout among minorities and the elderly, disabled and poor.

Texas voters, beginning next year, cannot cast a ballot without one of the following forms of photo identification: a Texas driver's license; a Texas concealed handgun license; a U.S. passport; citizenship papers; or a military identification card.

Veterans eligible for VA medical benefits receive the VA cards, which include photos.

Not allowing holders of the VA card to vote would largely affect veterans who are young, homeless and traumatized by war, said Charlie Jones, head of Texas Democratic Veterans.

“We have a lot of young vets,” Jones said. “We have a lot of vets who are homeless. The only way they interchange with the community is through the (Veteran's Administration).”

He added, “They already don't trust the system. And now they're being told they can't vote.” "

I guess I am not very open minded when it comes to dealing with people who are not. Rick Perry is the perfect example of someone who is not even barely tolerant of those who are not exactly like he is.
He does seem to be able to raise money in enormous amounts from those, like the Koch Brothers, who would like to see their own interests prevail at the expense of everyone else.
Welcome to poverty, ignorance, loss of more of our basic human rights, and alienation should this political pawn be elected.
At least Obama had a better GPA than 2.5!
And don't even get me started about Michele Bachmann, and her so called law degree from Oral Roberts University.

I couldn't resist:

"How does it feel to be independent, Schoenstein?"

"How does it feel to be an ass*&@# Niedermeyer?"

As far as I'm concerned, the more "Animal House" quotes in public life, the better.

I don't like Perry although he seems to be a capable governor. Regarding the A & M cadet photo, it really is a Texas A & M thing.

I don't like Bachmann because she has about as much experience as our current president and look at the truly lousy job he is doing.

How about scary obama and his do nothing attitude and all hot air talk bout jobs and cutting spending?

Thor, I hate to say it, but "capable governor" and "Texas governor" aren't the same thing. Due to specific provisions in the state Constitution installed after Reconstruction, (after General Phil Sheridan pretty much singlehandedly fueled hatred for the North for the next hundred years during his appointment as Texas's governor), all real power in Texas government is situated with the lieutenant governor. That's why Perry kept really quiet back when Shrub was governor: he was what Molly Ivins called "Governor Lite," and he was kept far too busy with real work to worry about making scenes. It's only when Bush quit to bring "Beavis and Butt-Head Do America...On Ice!" to a national level that Perry moved into the governor's office, and found himself with lots and lots of free time.

And if you don't like the thought of President Perry? Congratulations, you and I have something in common, and I've been watching this dweeb since he shoved Jim Hightower out of the Texas Agriculture Secretary slot in 1990. (Whatever else you want to say about his politics, Hightower pushed long and hard to diversify Texas agriculture beyond wheat and cattle, including what were considered back then to be the follies of Christmas tree farms and blueberry fields. Perry mocked those when he ran in '90, but he was sure willing to take credit for them when they started making significant amounts of money for the state.) If you don't like him, then get off your butts and vote for someone else: the only reason we still have his unbearable cross in place is because only about 18 percent of the Texas electorate bothered to get out to vote in 2010. If the number of friends I hear kvetching about Perry had bothered to get off Facebook and enter a ballot, he'd have been gone in 2006.

And notice how Ron Paul is being completely ignored by big media. He keeps winning polls (or fffing with the numbers to make sure he doesn't), but is way too scary for the establishment.

I mean we can't stop the war machine and kill off the privately-held Federal
Reserve- both of which having nearly destroyed America.

Just search for:

rick perry gardasil merck

To realize this guy is a first-class corporate whore- forget the religious stuff that is just a phoney facade.

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