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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Government p.r. juggernaut spreads to 'burbs

We can't get past the first paragraph of this article because of a paywall, but it's certainly an interesting story based on the first 'graph alone.

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Once big corporations get in bed with the government it only makes sense that advertising agencies would too, making for a sort of unholy threesome.

You think its cheap to justify made-up numbers?

An idea's outrageousness is directly proportional to the amount of PR spent on it.

Almost $20.00 per person... Per year... Wow.

The past year, the city of Wilsonville has spent more than $370,000 on public relations,
Wilsonville population 19,000 people


Tualatin, no one person is in charge of public affairs and government affairs- each department head is responsible for monitoring what is needed by the public and other agencies. Tualatin population 26,054

There's a new & responsible majority on the Wilsonville city council and the Mayor will be gone after 2012.

One can only hope the sheeple are smart enough to use the ballot box to fix this, Ben

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