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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coaching Ellis McCoy?

The City of Portland transportation bureau has sent us a copy of the 2009 "management coaching" contract that we think may have been used to obtain a "coach" for Ellis McCoy, the parking meter manager currently under FBI scrutiny. We've posted the contract, which doesn't name the "leader" who is to be the recipient of the "coaching" services, here. The bureau started searching for a "coach" for one of its managers back in late March of that year, and at that time we learned from an impeccable source within the bureau that it was for McCoy.

Interestingly, the "coach" was provided by Portland State University. His name is Terry O'Connor. The contract called for his services to be spread out over three to six months, at a fee of $200 an hour, not to exceed $6,450.

The city's project manager on the contract was another transportation bureau manager, Randy Johnson. Johnson is currently the division manager in charge of "environmental systems," which apparently includes sewer cleanout, leaf pickup, snow plowing, and the like. In November 2008, he was one of the city officials named in McCoy's formal threat to sue the city for racial discrimination.

The "coaching" contract start date was September 1, 2009. According to this story by Maxine Bernstein, McCoy received a merit raise in November 2009. If he got a merit raise at the same time that the city had to go out and get someone from the outside to help him do his job -- well, that would just be awfully curious, wouldn't it?

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"Coaching schmoaching"...what's with all this so called coaching? A whole new unnecessary make work industry.
All these people who need this "service" just need to be fired!
I know, you really can't fire anyone any more, for any reason...just sayin'!

Jack, it would be interesting to explore all the "coaching" that goes on at the PDC. You've posted about it before. The followup would be interesting. Why fire someone when you can coach them, huh?

Question: Is Ellis McCoy the child (or otherwise related to) the late Gladys and Bill McCoy? Gladys was the first black woman in local office as Multnomah County chair, and Bill was a long-time State Legislator.

Sounds like really good coaching to turn around a flailing manager enough for that manager to deserve a raise in just two months, it's a wonder that he didn't get a bonus too . . .

Economic problems prevailing in our country and world and these local ones getting raises? Huge salaries to begin with while so many others are struggling. Just keep raising taxes and pickpocketing while they can.

Investigate every bureau in that grungy city hall of ours, the people need a cleansing of that hall and I wouldn't be surprised if many of the workers down there wouldn't welcome a thorough investigation as well.

Is "parking technician" Carla Hales any relation to Streetcar Charlie? (from page 2 of the tort letter).

The city could not afford a lawsuit. McCoy knew where the bodies were buried.

The City of Portland(Mayberry) always goes after strong black leaders...scared white men at there best...They really need to go after those two dumb brothers and that idiot Barry

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