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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Breaking news: Sam Adams is bad people

Some city workers found this out the hard way when they made the mistake of trusting The Creepy One in 2005, while he was a city commissioner. He promised them protection as whistle-blowers, but then ratted them out to Sue Keil, then-transportation director and their boss. The conduct of Keil, who is now running the parks bureau, appears more and more curious by the day -- including with regard to Ellis McCoy, the parking meter manager who's now under federal criminal investigation.

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Ho boy. For an entity of its size CoP must be one of the last in the US to even think about having a confidential reporting line for wrong doing. And the worst of the corporate big boys now have them. What they do or don't do is another thing. But at least whistle blowers are protected.

Now our crack Oregonian news team needs to pick the Roland Chlapowski scab a little bit harder.

If I recall, Sam the Scam unceremoniously dumped PowerPoint Roland into the nether regions of city service. At the time, speculators speculated that it was just a lovers spat surrounding the Beau Breedlove scandal.

Now, it seems that young Roland may have known something the mayor did not want known. Looks like he should have learned from the newly sainted-by-motherhood Amy Ruiz to extract a plum job.

Let's declare a Saturday afternoon tribute toasting time. I'll start.

Tae Russ!

Tae Barbara!

Miller seems to have played a big role in exposing the whistleblowers. Between that and favors asked and taken from developers--not to mention being wholly unqualified for his position--Miller is looking sketchier and sketchier. It makes more sense now why Adams appointed him-Miller, Adams, and Keil formed an axis of incompetence in failing to deal with McCoy and other fraud and abuse at Transportation, and now they feel they have to cover each other's backs.

Probably some or all of the whistle-blowers will sue the city, that's us.

I hope they would rather bring civil suits against Sam, Miller, Kiel and any others and let them defend themselves at their expense and probably end up paying large settlements. I'm tired of us taxpayers paying for on-leave, defense expenses, settlements for the incompetence of our public employees.

As if any of the above have enough to cover any settlement, and as if the local judges would dare allow a verdict against our "anointed ones".

I grew up in the Chicago area, and I find myself astounded by the activities of our local government. And cops. And our one of a kind extra government.

That says something.

Eric, regarding the "axis of incompetence", it is definitely true that a leader who doesn't know what he's doing often wants to appoint similar people under him. A competent person would see that he is a fraud.

The allegations in these articles are something in themselves. Stealing parking meter money, widespread timecard fraud. All apparently bad enough that no less than 7 people wanted to come forward about it.

Welcome to Portland. We're the "City That's Better Than You", just as long as you don't turn over any rocks.

Look a number of years ago the PoPo of the CoP turned in false overtime on time cards for some FBI operation. Nothing was done about it. Shrunk ignored it. The Feds ignored it. They got slapped on the wrists and did not even return the money. So..... why anyone thinks some new is coming is beyond me.

LOL, Roy! Like you, I remember well the Chicago machine. And like you, I find our governmental shenanigans (CoPo, MultCo, and Metro) amazing. Them, and the PoPo.

There's a good reason why Metro hasn't been replicated anywhere else in the country, btw.

And then there's good old Mike Burton.

Now what's wrong with Mikey Burton? He's one of the crankiest privileged connected narcissistic bureaucrats in town. Never yells at subordinates. Never uses swear words. A humble and kind mellow boss dedicated to doing good for the little people.



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