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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A strange moment on the Fuku-cam

The operator of the triple meltdown site at Fukushima, Japan has for many months had a live camera pointed at the four trashed nuclear reactors. It's at an awkward location and an unrevealing angle, and checking in to see what's happening at the plant has been a lot like watching paint dry.

That is, until a few hours ago, when this guy showed up:

Anybody know the Japanese for "WTF"?

Comments (6)

The guy was also doing the same weird stuff on camera, a bit further away, for nearly 20 minutes, here.

either he has made some weird inside joke/bet with his bar buddies or that radiation suit isn't doing it's job.

Why have my last weeks' worth of surfing the Net been creepy? Does anyone else "feel" this?

In the second video, it looks like he is reading from a sheet of paper or something. He might think there is audio, or he is making a tape of it.

After the ending finally loaded, it looks like maybe he/she is filming with an ipod or something as they speak? At first, the reflection looked like they were reading from a piece of paper or something? My resolution isn't very clear.

Ooh I'm getting all paranoid over this. Jisai ni - mondai nai. Shimpaishinaide yo!

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