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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lovely, dark and deep

It was a great day for a walk, and so we talked the kids into taking a short hike along the Wildwood Trail, from the Japanese Gardens in Washington Park to the Pittock Mansion. We hadn't walked that stretch of trail in decades, and it seemed as if nothing had changed. The city hasn't done much to it, good or bad, and that's just fine, as it is a gorgeous path. The troubles of the world seem rather muted up that way.

We had plenty of company, and several languages were overheard. Everybody was quite mellow on such a splendid afternoon, even the many dogs. There were some puffy clouds around, denying a full view of the mountains up at the mansion, but the vistas were still pretty spectacular.

A nice deck has been built near the giant sequoias. A few benches, some plaques honoring friends of the local trees -- a pretty resting spot.

Over the rise, we found a tree along the trail whose branches wept over like a willow's, providing a perfect little shelter. The weather was so fine, there was no need for cover, but still it was a cool place to hang out for a few minutes.

Anyway, thank heaven -- and the people who set up Portland -- for the Wildwood Trail.

Comments (4)

Yes Jack, there are still some glorious parts of Portland left...I am glad you were able to enjoy some today.

Great to have a little relief from all the bad news and to hear that you and the family had a fine outing. On another fine day you might try the next section and then work toward hiking the whole trail out to Newberry road which is the end I think.

And sadly, the city has been doing much less to maintain the trails for some years. Another source of money for trams, streetcars and condo subsidies. Instead the Forest Park Conservancy solicits money and volunteers to do the Cities work for them.

Your picture in the park appears upside down when viewed from an iPad. This happens at this site and at the mobile site.

Ssshhhhhhh, Jack.

If Randy and Sam find out trails like this exist, they'll want to charge user fees. Unless you're riding a bike, of course.

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