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Thursday, May 19, 2011

When the big waves hit

Tokyo Electric, a.k.a. Tepco, has released a slideshow of some newly released photos of the March 11 tsunami coming ashore and trashing the company's Fukushima Daiichi nuke plant. Like all of the imagery of that day's horrible events in Japan, it's pretty disturbing. There's no way those reactors should ever have been built there.

We humans are so small and fragile.

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Individual humans are small and fragile. Humanity is huge and resilient.

Then the sun went nova.

Then the sun went nova.

Yeah, but we'd already colonized several other planets throughout the galaxy in the ~5 billion years between now and that event.

(It's more likely that the sun will turn into a red giant and consume all planets between it's current corona and the asteroid belt anyway)

Ok, I searched, but didn't come up with who wrote the first quote. Who should I attribute it when I copy it?
I am not sure these plants should be built anywhere. I must confess that when I worked at the Trojan plant, I felt very safe and bought PGE's words hook, line and sinker.

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