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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wrong again

These guys screw things up at every turn. The latest outrage comes on the heels of their recent instant classic, "You can use a condom, but only if you're a male prostitute." God help them.

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Gay sex and abortion are the driving ideologies for American Christians -- two topics Jesus never even bothered to address.

All hail Galileo. We're only about 400 years off from apologies, pardons and a change of view.


You know, I could have sworn Jesus said something about doing to others as you would have them do unto you.

The Church is infected by a pathological hatred of women. That's really the only explanation for such an insane viewpoint.

I guess no one asked Olmstead about the needs of the 4 kids who would have been left motherless if he had been practicing medicine.

Nor do I see anywhere in Olmstead's smug words any commitment by him personally or the Diocese to have provided financially and emotionally for the 4 motherless living kids his "solution" would have left.

On second thought, scratch the idea of having any Catholic priest providing any emotional support for any children.

Amazing moral monsters.

Basic principle: the right to life is extinguished by birth.

In the words of John Waters, I'm no liberal.

Mainly, for the exact same reasons why I'm even less of a Xtian. Thus, it's very strange to find myself in complete agreement with Allan L.

The only thing this serves to do is drive a larger wedge between the Catholic faithful and the Catholic leadership. American Catholics already in large part ignore major treatises that the Church puts out. Does anyone know ANY Catholics under 40 who abstain before marriage or don't use birth control? And while there is still a lot of homophobia in the church, most good Catholics that I know are completely tolerant of gays and lesbians and their committed relationships, with "marriage" being the only real hang-up.

The leadership is growing desperate because they don't control the masses (pun intended) anymore. Like all tyrannies, they will grow more despotic as power slips away, but will finally succumb.

It seems that rigid ideology and control freak leadership are common in many Christian sects. I was channel surfing a while back and stopped when I heard a preacher say that what is happening in the churches should be intolerable to anyone who loves God.

The letter kills; the spirit gives life.

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