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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The new U.S. attorney

The new nominee to the office of U.S. attorney for Oregon is a Facebooker. Her page there is mostly private, but apparently anyone with a Facebook account can see the photos, at least for now.

She lists herself on the social media site as "Amanda Amie Marshall," but her official name is "S. Amanda Marshall." (The S. is for Sally, we think.) She reportedly lives in McMinnville and lists her hometown as Mill Valley, California.

We hate to sound like an old fogey, but at 41, she seems a bit young for the job. She goes from working as about a third-in-command for John Kroger to running the U.S. attorney's office -- a pretty serious leap in levels of responsibility. Think she'll be taking on any serious corruption in Portland? Let's hope she surprises us.

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Josh Marquis was also an applicant.

Must have been a tough call?

Geeze. Typical Oregon.

The BlueOregon juveniles didn't approve of Josh.


Damn sight better than the people Bush appointed.


This one was 33 when appointed -- she later resigned.

I'm pleased to be a Blue Oregon "juvenile". Marquis has no interest in actually dealing with BS around the death penalty and mandatory minimums--especially cost, both in money and in human costs.

I suspect it was not a tough choice to overlook Marquis, under those circumstances.

You all could use some of this kind of mojo...



Well Carla, since you chimed in with a shot at Marquis.

Your disapproval of Marquis has been abundantly clear for some time. He's not blue enough, supports M11 and has made mincemeat out of you at BO.

Calra, "He's a registered Dem and he's got a few good positions..but "true blue"? Naw"

On M11 it is you who cannot deal with it.

Democrat Marquis dealt with you and M11 quite handily.


Marquis is an Oregon Democrats there needs to be more of.
I would put Jack Bogdanski and Marc Abrahms along side him.

BlueOregon prefers more Sam Adams or Rex Burkholder Democrats.


So rather than deal with what I actually said, you run to "not blue enough", as if somehow this is a bad thing. If that's your argument, please, do bring it on. There's a wide swath of Oregon that finds "not blue enough" more than a good reason to be skeptical.

And if that comment thread is your view of Marquis dealing with something "quite handily", then by all means, let's have more of it. Rarely have I seen such defensive posturing and whining from an elected official, even on a blog.

Amanda is an extremely smart and tenacious attorney who will do a fine job in the office, regardless of her youthful age.

I like to see Holton stay in the office; he has already shown he is not a respecter of persons and is capable of taking on big names and firms. If my memory serves me correctly, he is also on the younger side.

Josh Marquis is quoted in today's Pendleton paper, the East Oregonian. Umatilla County's DA is being accused of sex abuse by a former girlfriend who thinks she was raped by a space alien. Gushwa is calling it a set up from Salem and it sure looks like it to me, similar to what happened in the Gustafson case where Stephen Houze's testimony that she took home a file in a juvenille case where there was a court order preventing it was contradicted by a court clerk. Something similar happened to Marquis' predecessor, Julie Leonhardt. Marquis talks about that to EO reporters. If you look at the evidence in those cases, it is pretty darned flimsy, but hey, we don't have anything else to spend tax money on, do we?

If anyone would take an objective look at Marquis he or she would see that he tries to win through intimidation: He recently brought a bar complaint against one of the defense lawyers in the Randy Guzek case because they overturned bad rulings in his favor in the Supreme Court. If you read Gerry Spence's book about his Oregon murder trial, "Smoking Gun", you see Marquis using similar dirty tricks-and if Spence hadn't proved the defendant's gun didn't shoot the victim, he would be howling for the death penalty.
and it seems that is what good old players want in their DAs, dirty players.
Then the guy gets news media to call people he doesn't like "crackpots". He is way worse than a disturbed junior high boy.
Please, please, lets get a US attorney who will take on problems like Marquis and the establishment that supports him. Ultimately, I think the credibility of the Oregon courts depends on it.

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Lawyers trying to win by intimidation? I'm sure he's the only one, except for Spitzer and Cuomo.

It may be a common political game, but ruining the lives of others on trumphed up charges is ugly, and will not go down in history as legitimate.

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