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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reaction pouring in

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Nice guy, incredible talent...

and not built for the NBA. So long, Sam Bowie.

He still has 50 games to go before he can be compared to Bowie. For now, he's Greg Oden: the gold standard for injury-plagued bust.

His heart is probably hurting more than his legs now. Blame Paul Allen & Blazer mis-Mgt for their spectacular failures. That's all those clowns and jerks have any talent for themselves.

Weird. I checked out the very long article in the Oregonian about Greg, and not a single reference about Sam Bowie.

Two words that are not allowed by the Oregonian in any Greg Oden article: Sam Bowie

Goes along with the two words that are not allowed by the Oregonian in any Gert Boyle house invasion and attempted kidnapping article: Illegal alien

Blazers need to be renamed: Bad Luck Blazers. Maybe the NBA might throw us a bone. We throw ourselves on the mercy of the NBA fathers, begging for a Sam Gasol like gift.

Between Oden and Roy, it's Crip City, baby!

We did win an NBA championship. Not every franchise can say that.

But just one, a long time ago, Bill (though the early 90's were very exciting). That's why everyone who cares is so bugged at the Blazer managements' chronic systemic incompetence. What person in their right mind wants to parade around America wearing their corporate gear? Might just as well wear a sign that says "Don't kick me, I'll do it myself."


Writhe with us.

Oden has earned just over 19-million in his four years in Portland and played just 82 games. That's $235,365 per game. Good gig!

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