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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The final countdown

Just think: A week from tonight the election will be over.

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Not for the GOP. This year, because of the crush they're doing the vote in stages, so next Tuesday only Democrats vote and as you say, Jack, one week from now the election will be over, for them. Republicans vote on Wednesday this year, so one week from tomorrow is their last day to vote.

Am I the only one who hears this song running in the background? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jK-NcRmVcw&ob=av2n

Won't the 2012 Presidential campaign start next Wed?

It will once again be morning in America...

The best thing about vote-by-mail is that I turned in our ballots today and I can now dump all incoming election junk straight into the recycling bin and hang up on the robo-calls!

(we do actually save the flyers and look at them while we're voting)

Obama has already been campaigning for 2012 while campaigning for dems. Other hopefulls are positioning themselves already, most likely waiting for after this election to ramp things up. So all we will see is a shift in focus after Tuesday.

Well, I'm definitely taking the plunge. I'm going to put on my telepathy cap, imagine how Kevin Mannix or some other suitable right-wing ideologue would vote, and that's exactly how I am going to vote.

For no other reason than that the left is making me feel sick, almost daily.

The thought police down at NPR put the finishing touches on my resolve to make a break with my voting past. Here's what I emailed them yesterday, when their "contact-us" link was finally rehabilitated after crashing under the email onslaught from furious moderates and everyone to the right of them.

"I wanted to thank NPR for completely unblinding me to the ugliness of NPR's leftist political agenda, which is to silence opposition under the banner of political correctness. Considering that Islam harbors a virulently anti-Semitic, homophobic and misogynist dogma, it is a cruel irony that NPR would now fire Juan Williams for revealing a widespread truth- that Muslim garb makes Americans reflexively nervous in mass transit situations. Just go ask the 300 people on the plane to Detroit that was nearly brought down by a jihadi last Christmas, how they feel about seeing that garb anywhere, let alone in airports.

I will never again listen to or support either NPR or any of its affiliates. I will get my news from the web and my entertainment from Netflix. I will even stop watching any public television from my local affiliate, OPB in Oregon.

May your ideology perish peacefully."

Every time I see Kevin Mannix's name I want to vomit for hours. A ball of hate with a rock for a brain wrapped in a mantle of mock righteousness.... that would be Mannix. And he is one of the reasons why I cannot vote for any Repugnicants in this state. I half thought about the Dudster but I just couldn't do it so I did the write in.

Gaye - Juan Williams only needs one job and he has it working for Faux News. Save your tears. He's an ideologue not a journalist.

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