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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's o.k. to cry a little...

... when you look at some of these. [Via Jake.]

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Pretty cool. I cant believe they are still alive.

Kinda odd...on the news today, I heard someone making a comment about one of the miners being on camera with his mistress, not his wife.

I also dont get the reasoning for bringing the fittest ones up first. Shouldnt they be last, helping out the others?

If only the US could do that when there are mining accidents in W VA.

A triumph for the whole world to be proud of. I have not felt this proud since the landing on the Hudson River. Lets hope that this good luck continues.

Overall, I'm not terribly impressed. Mining is a dirty business, and the workers are treated worse than the machines. Looking at these pictures, my heart bleeds for the people involved. But as far as the human race is concerned, a few of our members dodged a bullet that we ourselves had fired -- nothing to applaud about.

Great news! The miners have all agreed to be on Dancing with the Stars!

...and they all came out clean-shaven. A miracle!!!!

I hope they had Tic Tacs at the ready.

Let us not forget that The Bush/Cheney presidency basically shut down mine safety in this country, leading to many needless deaths and injuries.

I also dont get the reasoning for bringing the fittest ones up first. Shouldnt they be last, helping out the others?

I think the idea was to test the capsule and extraction method on the healthiest, in case it got stuck or something else failed. I believe the frailest started coming out after the first 10 or so.

As usual, the comments can be highly entertaining. The first half is just chock full of references to God. Finally, someone gets ticked off and pipes up:

"Gracias a Dios??, Fue Dios el que no evito en accidente pa empezar.

Gracias a la fortaleza del ser humano y de los avances tecnológicos que permitieron sacarlos."

ie, thank God??? he was the one who failed to prevent the accident in the first place.. thank human tenacity and the technological advances that allowed them to be brought out. (!)

I'm not much on FOX news but I thought they did a pretty good job of covering this last night.

M: you had to bring Bush/Cheney into this discussion. Get a friggin life.

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