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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Git along, little 'doggies

Here are the underdogs (in caps) for this week in our charity pro football contest. None of them will be playing at home:

7.5 BUFFALO at Kansas City
5.5 HOUSTON at Indianapolis
5 GREEN BAY at New York Jets
5 MINNESOTA at New England
3.5 TENNESSEE at San Diego
3 CAROLINA at St. Louis
3 TAMPA BAY at Arizona
2.5 SEATTLE at Oakland
2 MIAMI at Cincinnati
1 WASHINGTON at Detroit
1 DENVER vs. San Francisco in London

Our official oddsmaker reports: "Steelers/Saints is a pick 'em, and thus off the board."

See any 'dog who can get the job done without the benefit of the point spread? Kibitzers, please chime in.

Here are the season standings so far:

Biggest Cubs Loser 35
Gary 34.5
genop 33.5
Gordon 32
Andy 30.5
pdxmick 28
Broadway Joe 25.5
Flowers by Dorcas 21
Flowers by Dorcas Husband 21
john dull 19.5
PJB 19.5
Larry Legend 17.5
Michael K. 16.5
Annie 16
Doug 14.5
Ricardo 14
Sattelihu 13.5
Eric 12.5
Paul 12
AKevin 11.5
Anthony 11.5
Drewbob 11.5
Hank 11.5
Matt 11.5
Nick 9.5
Bob 8.5
Mike G. 8
Jim 7
Bad Brad 6
Umpire 2.5
Conrad 0
genop's gal 0

Comments (2)

If you want a quick but painful Halloween costume, stick a fork in yourself and go as the Dallas Cowboys.

No home team 'dogs this week...can't really count the Broncos/49'ers game. Who's gonna win on the road?

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