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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why the Democrats are in trouble

It doesn't help that the party's poster children are guys like crooked Charlie Rangel. His ethics trial may not hurt him in his own district, but it could wind up costing votes in key districts around the country. People have patience for guys like Rangel when they're not hurting. But there's so much hurt out there right now, and he's certainly not an appealing sight.

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At least he wasn't making anti-masturbation videos like the GOP primary-winner in Delaware...


Aye, there's the rub.

If more Republican primaries go the way of Delaware and O’Donnell the Democrats may not get slaughtered that bad after all. Even Karl Rove is writing that seat off to the Democrats. O’Donnell and her supporters remind me of Lon Mabon and the OCA here in Oregon. For a politically middle of the road to slightly left leaning state like Delaware that kind of stuff isn’t going to fly in November either. Put one Senate seat back in the Blue column.

That video may be a STROKE of luck for the Democrats come November!

Oh please, the Repugs have a long history of ethics problems (Gingrich, DeLay, Vitter, Ensign, Nathan Deal, Foley, Larry Craig, etc.) Pols being d'bags is a way of life any more.

Pols being d'bags is a way of life any more.

That doesnt make it right. We need to hold all of these idiots accountable. Not just look the other way with the "hey, at least they dont belong to the OTHER party" form of politics we have now.

Face it folks - it's not going to be a pretty election for the Democrats on November 2. Has anyone noticed that just about everyone who voted for Obamacare is not saying a word about it in their campaign literature? Why aren't they "proud" of that great "accomplishment"? Here in Nevada, old heart attack boy Harry Reid is in deep trouble. Despite a huge campaign warchest and 24/7 TV ads, his approval numbers haven't changed since June/July. And his son, Rory; is 15-20 points behind Brian Sandoval in the Governor's race.

"Why the Democrats are in trouble"

I don't think it is just Dems in trouble, most of the Tea Party people are knocking off the Rep endorsed guy.

The Tea Party is definitely targeting RINOs.

It's a bad year to be an incumbent period. The only reason Dems are more of a target is there are more of them in office right now.

Has Rory even used his last name in a ad yet?

Lc Scott: Yes - Rory Reid is running away from using his last name whenever possible. But the public is on to him - and there are hundreds of bumperstickers out there saying "One Reid - Is One Too Many"!

It's time to flush the toilet, even if the new dude has hair on his palms.

Cha-Lee Rangle is similar to Wyden- a good old boy that can toss you a few liberal biscuits now and again to look like he gives a crap.

Why, absolutely!, the November elections are going to destroy, obliterate, annihilate, ruin, kill, eliminate, utterly eradicate all Democrats and every notion of anyone so little as half-remembering in a vague sort of way such ideas as human rights - that's all over forevermore: blah blah blah be VERY AFRAID of Mighty Masters-of-the-World-and-the-Entire-UNIVERSE Republicans.

Yeah, right, sure, whatever you say. It sounds word-for-word like that goofball pink-faced half-wit on TV talks, fists gripped in rage, hate-spit frothing. Yessiree, I be getting me some keen insight of perfect omniscient political analysis.

But seriously, folks. Common-sensical Mr. & Mrs. Anybody, Main St., USA, who you talk to, (completely contradicting the boobtricious bozos confined inside the Truth Void TV nutbin), people on the street going to the polls, major majorly say the delusion is done -- not only do preening politicians have no clothes, more blantant: the half in the GOP-gang have no brains.

Truly the rightwing Beck/Limbaugh/Palin/LIARS FUX News propaganda inflation has amounted this Summer to such over-the-top overreach, excrement-al extremism, that even the imitative airheads in ALL the other channels of massmedia now shun any association with Murdoch or his MadHaters. Sheesh.

And it ain't only O'Donnell in Delaware although she's some sort of record-size reality alien. And it ain't merely jaw-dropping dumb Angle in Nevada. There's Brewer (AZ), Miller (AK), Bachman (WI), our own duh ... Dudley (OR), nutshells on ballots in CO, NH, MD, TX, IL, MI, PA, NY, ID, WA, CA, OK, TN, even culls from nut-factory central in GA, whose names I don't bother to recall and can quickly forget them all off the top of my head. The unhinged Nuthing is shaping down to be the deepest cratered epic FAIL in Political History. Whom the gods would destroy, they first raise up. As much egomania as Hitler and he went in his bunker and blew his brains out. The Tea Bagger broke-brains are nuttier than Napoleon and probably are going to end up the same place he did: exiled into extinction. Human evolution moves on less that baggage.

There's more Republican-brand loose plastic bags, empty gum wrappers, discarded butts and soggy litter than a person can keep track of. That's why MediaMatters.ORG (where the list keeps growing longer daily), is attracting boggle-eyed website traffic in the millions, numbers rivaling ABC, CBS, NBC audience and more than quadruple the ratings high-water mark at FUX News. Check it out, Media Matters .ORG. It's funnier than The Onion only the parody fictions are replaced with real names, and any GOPeeve bearing a resemblance to real political prospects is purely coincidental.

I mean, think about it, just locally, seriously, for a second: Chris Dudley as governor of Oregon? See, instant involuntary spittake on your iScreen. Have you heard him talk?, (perhaps not, since he avoids public appearances). His coherent fluency (NOT) sounds like the basketball got dribbled on his head about a dozen seasons too many. He must be hoping no interviewer brings a boom-mic that reaches up 7 feet, so he'll never be recorded saying anything anyone hears. Governor Dudley. -- that's the entire Democratic TV ad campaign: 'Governor Dudley' in emergency-orange letters on an Oregon-blue screen for :30 seconds, v/o "This clapper rings the wrong edge of the normal bell curve." Just when you thought the Oregon GOP couldn't find one more sunken log in the Beaver pond, they couldn't !, and had to go over to Washington to dredge up the Muggy Duddy, The Dudster, Dud-apalooza, a candidate to out-Mannix Mannix, and MORE: even out-Sizemore Sizemore ... who may be in jail, I don't recall.

Perhaps the pen that popped and August 30th stopped the whole rightwing bubble of bombast, was Jane Mayer's, writing "Covert Operations" in The New Yorker showing all of the Koch brothers' decades-hidden influences EXPOSED, naked powerlusting. These are Republican billionaires. These are your Republican billionaires on death-fear, with haunt-hollowed minds like Medusa's head-of-a-hundred-snakes, (so-called the 'Kochtopus' single-handedly redacting the estate tax for the sole benefit of David and Charles), buying a stairway to supremacist hell inside the Great Pyramid on the dark side of the dollar, gilding a sarcophagus to mummy-wrap and suffocate democracy. Parading Republicans on the high road to tip-top positions is like Hannibal getting elephants over the Alps -- a tactic without any strategic advantage unless enemy Democrats die laughing ... before the mastadon march is snow-buried under an avalanche of 'NO way' ballots.

Yeah, sure, Democrats must be quaking in their voting booths. Like the massmedia mud huggers say on propaganda TV, "society's anti-fascists be scared." Like was hyped for McCain. Like was hyped for Hussein and WMDs. Like was hyped for Nine-Eleven Op.

The difference between ridiculous fools and doomed dunces walking with Tea Bags dangled in their eyes, is ... nothing. Not a whit of difference.

There's no scare there.


The dish of choice at the GOP Delaware dinner?

"Beef Strokanoff"

The release of this voicemail from Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton probably isn't going to help matters.

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