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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Playing dodgeball with Sam the Tram

We could be in for lots more laughs in the weeks ahead.

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The stench from this is going to make the whole city sick to its stomach.... Sam's stench, plantiff stench, jurisprudence stench......

Stench in spades

I would think that the city should have a cross claim against Adams in the event that any money judgment is awarded. This is no different than when a Portland cop kills someone and the city settles with the family of the victim. The city is not the private attorney for any city citizen that commits criminal conduct. Adams can get outside counsel. The staff of the city attorney's office needs to have a qualified auditor clean it up, as the OSB would likely balk.

"Office lawyers are prohibited from providing legal advice to the public or to parties other than the municipal corporation of the City of Portland." (City Attorney page.)

In a cross claim by the city against Adams would it be important to depose him in precisely the same way the the plaintiff here is demanding?

"[Senior Deputy City Attorney Tracy Reeve] also asked the court to order that any video from Adams' deposition be withheld from the public."

This is truly extraordinary. I wonder if Tracy Reeve would argue that embarrassment is a valid exemption for purposes of the public records law too? Some people have no business representing the public's interest. The executive session exemption, for example, only applies during the pendency of an action. This is also a perversion of the attorney client privilege. Let's depose Tracy Reeve, in a suit for malpractice in representing the city, where the criminal conduct would not be past the statute of limitations.

I have heard that Sam is recently still up to his old "tricks", but this time he is hitting on straight guys at the local watering holes.
Very strange!

pdxnag - I like your thinking.

Native - If the guys are at local watering holes, I am betting they are over 18. And if people could be arrested for making unwanted advances, most men, gay or straight, would be in a lot of trouble.

Judge Crist's arguments in dismissive response to Nkrumah's attorney Hanlon about "lying" is unbelievable: "it's common knowledge that officials lie to the public all the time. It's become a joke."

It's contrary to when a speeder argues before a judge saying, "well judge, everyone else was speeding along with me". We know the judges answer to that, "You're guilty!"

Judge Crist's needs to apply the law and not the politics.

Judge Christ. Does that include yourself. Have you ever lied in carrying out your official duties from the benceh. Do you lie to juries too. Maybe, you need to be deposed in a criminal misconduct investigation.

Now you know what it takes to work for Adams - being a paid patsy for a known liar. Apparently those with ethics and a conscience need not apply.

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