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Thursday, September 23, 2010

We've got it down to a science now

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I actually did use a statistical model (I have ZERO points so far), but it came up with the Lions. I think Lola chose them because of their similarity to kittens.

Nice! But what's the name of the tune? I like it! Put a bit of the ole vim back in my vigor! Think I'll go out and get myself a sasparilla at lunch!

I admire the scientific approach here, but you should add some quantum physics. I recommend Stephen Hawking's famous book, "A Brief History of Overtime."

Are you sure you didn't salt that bowl with catnip?

Love it!

Priceless. good start to my day.

I sure hope Lola is right.... maybe next week I try that with my wonder dog... if I am lacking intution

To complete the magic: Don't watch the game. Don't even peek. Shazam!


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