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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Third 'dog night

I'm not sure how many of them consulted our scientific prognostication system, introduced here the other day. (Six did go the same way as Lola the Magic Kitty.) But however they did it, the players in our charity pro football underdog pool have spoken, choosing their respective 'dogs for the week. They're now posted in our left sidebar, and here they are for the permanent record. Good luck and have fun, everybody:

10.5 DETROIT at Minnesota - Anthony, Ricardo, Nick, Bob, Doug, Bad Brad
10.5 CLEVELAND at Baltimore - Andy
5.5 SEATTLE vs. San Diego - Broadway Joe, Hank, genop, PJB, Gary, Michael K., Drewbob
5.5 DENVER vs. Indianapolis - Paul, Matt, Annie, genop's gal, Eric
4 ATLANTA at New Orleans - john dull, Flowers by Dorcas Husband, Jim, Gordon
4 OAKLAND at Arizona - Larry Legend, Umpire
3 TENNESSEE at New York Giants - Sattelihu, AKevin
3 CHICAGO vs. Green Bay - pdxmick
2.5 TAMPA BAY vs. Pittsburgh - Conrad
2.5 DALLAS at Houston - Biggest Cubs Loser
1.5 NEW YORK JETS at Miami - Flowers by Dorcas

In other news, our pool has now stabilized at $890, which will be awarded to charity at the end of the season (including the playoffs). The prizes will be:

First prize - $500 to player's favorite charity
Second prize - $165 to player's favorite charity
Third prize - $100 to player's favorite charity
Fourth prize - $75 to player's favorite charity
Fifth prize - $50 to player's favorite charity
Those will be happy check-writing times. (We'll throw in a few bucks of interest, too.) In the meantime, the big daddies of the gridiron have some serious work to do.

Comments (6)

I'll take those points even if it doesn't move me to the top. Thank-you for falling apart at home, Giants.

Jack - Have you figured how to deal with ties... as in 2 people have the most points and 5 people have the second most points, etc.? Sorry to be an nit-picky IT geek but this is likely to be the case this season.

I doubt it will happen, but as we ruled last year, there will be no tiebreakers. If two people tie for first, each gets to to send $332.50 to his or her favorite charity. That is, each will get half of the first prize and half of the second. $250 + 82.50 = $332.50. The same rule will apply across all five prizes.

Thanks for the clarification.

Ugh. I toyed with picking Dallas but I didn't. Grrrrr.... I expected more out of Detroit and less out of Minn.

Crap. Atlanta was the one pick that I thought was kinda a no-brainer. Then I talked myself out of it, briefly considered the Lions, and ultimately went with the Raiders. Lesson learned - stop overthinking it and go with my first instinct.

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