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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The O's latest civic contribution

Glorifying vandalism.

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Banksy has some pretty cool stuff... here's some of his work on the West Bank wall... er, fence... er, barrier.


Graffiti is not cool.

Ah... some of it is! You gotta love the 200-year old graffiti from Napoleon's invading army on the Egyptian temple at the Met!

Plus a graffito allowed us to date when Christianity first came to England... the "Sator Square" graffito was an ancient dog whistle for "Christians present".

Graffiti and running shoes hanging from utility lines seem to go together. Like a feral dog marking his turf.

And the ultimate irony?....the O assigns its arts editor to cover the story. Go figure.

Mr. Gilmore -

I've seen the running shoes over the utility lines often.

I have been told by both Comcast workers removing them and by law enforcenment types that the shoes over the wires are a "statement" or "advertisement" that drugs are available at a house / residence in th block where the shoes are over the wires.

What is your take on the shoes thing?

Thank you.

Cut them some slack. This is one of the few interesting non-sports news articles in the O this summer.

DK is an even bigger pretender than the pretend Banksy!

Graffiti is not cool.

Even if it makes your property value go up (so to speak)? According to wikipedia the record auction for a Banksy piece is $576,000. I for one wouldn't complain if he were to "vandalize" my property.

Most of our understanding of Pompeii is based on graffiti.

This is how they deal with taggers in New Zealand:

Read the story first:

Then watch the video:

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