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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The green, green grass of home

One of the fascinating things about my boyhood haunts in northern New Jersey was how homeowners would paint some of the concrete around their properties green. From an airplane, it looked like grass -- and maybe it kept the house a tiny bit cooler in the blasting heat of the summer.

Here in Oregon, we haven't quite reached that point. But we're getting close. According to a KGW story last night, now the state transportation gurus are painting the brown grass along Interstate 5 green rather than watering it.

UPDATE, 11:42 a.m.: Here's a link to the KGW story.

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The state is in a financial rut so they spend money painting grass. Great decision making skills!

It's ok; the paint is left over from the old Oregon State Home for the Insane.

I cannot imagine the horrid photos which can follow from such activity! Especially if film or digital sensors "see" this green differently than the eye, which is a problem when UV enhancers are used in dyes and paints.

(and yes, some folks still use film! Even professionals.)

This paints an accurate picture here.

Artificially and only on the surface green -
not really green and sustainable as the PR/marketing machine wants to portray. Do they think that people will not know the difference?

Other point, is that we are not to pay attention to the natural order of things. So what if it is brown for lack of rain. That is reality.

Will they be using a "green non-toxic" paint?

How much will all this cost?

I like when the grass turns to brown in July and August. It means I finally don't have to wear three or four layers to stay warm, and it also means I don't have to mow very often. So, no need to green the grass on my account unless it's some kind of fire retardent.

I hope the paint is water soluble, so it will wash off during the rainy season, in two or three weeks, so the grass can be it's normal self (green)

Is that what that was! We were driving back from the State Fair yesterday afternoon and I speculated that they had put down seed. But it was so close to the pavement that I wasn't sure I was right.

There are plenty of places here in Oregon where homeowners have followed the same path. One prominent example used to be on the Seaside Promenade, not too far south of the Turnaround. We haven't been to Seaside for a few years, so I don't know if it's still there, but I've seen a couple of examples here in Portland, too.

the seed they put down to reseed areas has a green colored mulch(with who knows what in it). not paint just reseeding .

Not according to the KGW story. They even had an ODOT guy in a reflector vest on camera talking about it.

I havent seen green grass in a long time. Nobody waters their lawns any more. Why have a lawn at all?

That's standard in a lot of places further south, but it's generally reserved for very public areas (courthouse lawns, federal buildings, and the like) during official droughts. If you guys were going to go without rain for a few months, I could understand, but in Portland? Someone in government with a huge ego had a snit fit about the grass not being green enough, I wager.

Someone in government with a huge ego had a snit fit about the grass not being green enough, I wager

Ohh THAT narrows it down :)

How much CO2 does the green painted grass absorb from the auto exhaust?
Only in Oregon does green paint equal the new "Green" thinking. Makes me want to just go to the city hall mens restroom and make friends.

My 18-year old daughter reminded me that in Alice in Wonderland they paint the roses red. No wonder we're messed up--we're living in Alice's dream!

So, who's the Queen of Hearts, and whose heads are due to be chopped off?

Why it's Randy Queen of Hearts...and his hit squad chops off heads at his command...

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