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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

As if

I just tried to download some updates to some iPhone apps. Before I could do so, Apple insisted that I agree to the new version of iTunes's "terms and conditions." O.k....

At the bottom of the first page of legalese that constituted such "terms and conditions," I noted that it was "Page 1 of 55." I could read all 55 pages, or just click on "Agree" at the bottom of that first page.

Gee, which do you think I did?

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And did you also copy the 55 pgs. and store them to read later, at least? A must.

Cory Doctorow and Lawrence Lessig are both brilliant on the legality of such "shrinkwrap" agreements.

Cem Kaner also has a lot to say about shrinkwrap agreements as well.

You might consider applying your daughter's tiny finger to make the crucial click to agree.

Definitely use the daughter's tiny finger since she now works for them anyway (p. 53)

Jack, what did you do? I can't guess.

Being ADHD I'm prepared to tell the court there's no way I could read--and understand the implications for me--of 55 pages of legal text. It's been 10 or 15 years and many shrinkwrap agreements since I've read any. I scroll to the bottom and click.

I would bet that a high percentage of professors who teach contract law read all those terms and conditions before agreeing to them. As for the rest of population, probably 99.99% do not.

"Gee, which do you think I did?"

Wrote a blog post about it?

That stuff has always been an issue for me. Like the license agreements for software...it says if you don't agree, then you can return the software to place of purchase. However, you have to open the package to read the agreement. And nobody will take software back that has been opened, they will only exchange for the same title.

Jon --


Just click the button to have it emailed to you so you can ignore it at your leisure. That's what I did.

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