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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's the climate

Dang, that's a lot of bud.

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$120 million? I always recommend to law enforcement officers that when they pull a number like that out of their butts, they don't grab anything else. When they go reaching that far, they can snag wisdom teeth, too.

The growers should have had the black bears guarding the bud as was done in BC recently.

Must be that the auto theft rate is down because why else would they spend time doing drug raids when there is actual person on person crime happening or do they get federal dollars for these drug raids?

Yes, they get federal funds for the enforcement.

And no, it usually doesn't matter if this enforcement comes at the expense of enforcement for auto theft or personal crimes. Ever tried to report either one in Portland?

And I think the splashy news coverage, along with the inflated number for the amount siezed, explains why this is so.

Better stay away from Copperhead Road.

Think of all the taxes the state could have had if it were legal.

Yes, but then your sons and daughters would start making funny faces when they play the piano, grow breasts, start sleeping with brown people and all turn into heroin addicts.

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