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Friday, September 3, 2010

David Bragdon is still gone

Is this the last of the hype? We hope so.

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To bad a guy who has been a leader in the system waits until he leaves to criticize it instead of implementing change while at the helm, ala Kulongoski. He is spot on about the food carts though.

This is the Neil lieutenant who was ramrodding the Convention Center hotel for a while. I'm sure the Arlington Club set will miss him.

He got to run the train? Can I do this too if I ask?

I wonder if the Zoo's insurance carrier knows about this. Sort of like Fireman Randy donning turnout gear and going onto the scene of a real fire to "take charge" - not a good idea when you consider the consequences if anything bad happens.

He is NYC's problem now!..."for a greener greater New York". Ha!

I agree that it is disappointing that local "leaders" understand these things but don't act on them while they can.

I love his statement about the "white bourgeis" environmental movement protecting their own property values. Spot on.

He'll be back in a couple of years any way. Lucky us.

Does anyone else think this Collette woman sounds like a defensive loon in the second article? Who elects dummies like this?

Just talked to a family friend from NYC last weekend. He was commenting on the growing bed bug "plague" in the city. People are so leary they're even foregoing movie theaters and clothing stores to avoid contact with the pests.

Pest control squads are fogging the nooks and crannies in the city. Politicians and business owners are worried about the negative ecomonic impact the infestation has created...whats a greenie to do???

Oh well, sleep tight...don't let the New York bed bugs bite. And please don't bring them back with you upon your return.

The Emperor has no clothes! Says the Emperor's tailor.

Bragdon's right about several points, but I can't say he did a lot more than the status quo in his tenure at Metro. His attempts at environmental justice on project like the CRC were laughable. Blustery and weak, like Adams and the rest of City Council. And, like Adams, he made sure to issue lots of press releases making sure the public knew how very, very earnest he was about things like the CRC. But his written and oral statements about the CRC were in the end worthless--he spent his time just like everybody else in effete wonkery over "number of lanes" and "bicycle access". There was nothing "environmental" or "regional" about his stance, unless you count dealing with traffic.

And you'll notice the awkward replies and careful sidestepping of those who responded to his comments--and those who didn't. Adams, for example, knows better. Bragdon is talking a lot about Adams and Portland in those comments.

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