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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Curling up with a good book

Not a good idea while you're driving a Tri-Met bus.

I remember years ago, while riding the Burnside bus over by what was then called Civic Stadium, I noticed that the driver had pulled out a small television set and was watching the Blazer game. Amazing.

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Perhaps this is considered multi-tasking?

At least it was the Terwilliger Curves and not some road that requires a driver's complete attention.

I fully support bus drivers. You have no idea if the driver felt bored or was in fear of being bored. A trained driver can move 15 feet in 1.5 seconds. I'm sure the person taking the video has a long history of misdemeanor crimes documented or just in their mind. This driver is only in need of retraining and simply shows the lack of proper training by administration.

Generally this type of behavior starts at the top and works its way down thru the ranks. If management doesn't have to pay attention why should the drivers?

Hey, what's the big deal. At least he wasn't texting. That requires your eyes AND your hands, as well as your attention.

Jack, do you think he'll still get his retirement?

I'll usually defend a TriMet Operator...

...but this is one of those situations where I've left shaking my head and asking, "What the F$@* !!! were you thinking?!!!"

Fortunately, in my years of daily TriMet bus riding, I've never had one of my own Operators do anything this stupid. Well, I take it back...I had one Operator on a 95 bus on I-5 racing a gasoline truck and cut it off because she was in the center lane, needed the exit into Tigard and was a bit too late. Although I didn't report her (and should have), I never saw her again after that trip. But I've never seen an Operator use a cell phone, smart phone, Kindle, laptop computer, portable television, Walkman, iPod, etc., while operating my bus - and I frequently sit up front.

I never said that there were no stupid bus drivers. Obviously there are plenty.

I maintain they are the minority of operators.

However we need to get serious with these stupid drivers, maybe something like
would help them mend their evil ways.

So, been thinking of getting a Kindle. Wonder if he likes his...

Oh, BTW, "fear of being bored" is an instant classic.

Geez, after the Tri Met fatality incident this summer, you'd think these drivers would be attempting to at least look attentive at all times. Are the consequences for mowing people down not severe enough?

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