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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Couplet party!

They're actually going to celebrate the insanity known as the Burnside-Couch traffic couplet on the inner east side of Portland with a "ribbon-cutting" ceremony the morning of October 12. It should be quite comical, especially if passing motorists express their views or a bicyclist takes a dive in front of the self-congratulatory platform party.

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How fitting to do it on the day that celebrates a very egotistical guy who was actually many thousands of miles from his intended destination and who brought disease and suffering to the people he found there.

You gotta be kidding me. The first (and hopefully only) time that I used this I think it added a couple of minutes on to the time that it takes to cross from east to west Burnside. This is progress?

Joe Weston will surely be there celebrating that new superblock they created for him. Nice work, Joe!!!

"enhancing the opportunity for redevelopment and business growth in the Central Eastside"

"enhancing"? Is that like a Linchpin, or Catalyst or Spurring or triggering?

"The event will be at the northwest corner of E Burnside St. and NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd."

Of course.

Commuters, both in bus and car, should have plenty of time to observe the festivities as they wait in traffic that extra 5 to 10 minutes.

Interestingly, Fred Meyer's is selling eggs this week for $ 1.25 dozen.

Eggs are great at ribbon cutting ceremonies.

This is unbelievable. The couplet was such a waste and makes that area a whole heck of a lot worse during rush-hour times.

I hope they don't obey the No Turns sign on 12th and go straight into oncoming traffic, as the ambulances will not be able to get through very quickly.

Every time I'm over there I'm surprised some
enterprising homeless man hasn't started directing traffic for change.

Couplet? I thought it was the Burnside/Couch cutlet. A new offering at the Ringside.

I'd love to see a Critical Mass type of traffic jam with everyone trying to turn on a red light from the middle lane.

Actually, it's an insult!

I am going to that party and am going to yell at the top of my lungs every profanity this side of getting arrested at those a$$holes.

This whole couplet affair should have every parent there in protest to the money wasted on this to benefit some. Our schools are hurting, social services and public safety at risk for lack of money as well.

A couplet party for celebrating a waste of money, the "sustainable Portland way"!!

Robert Collins:Couplet? I thought it was the Burnside/Couch cutlet. A new offering at the Ringside.

That specialty "cutlet" may have to wait until the celebration and opening of the West Side.

Has anyone been updated on the cost of just this eastside couplet? Please include the planning cost, administrative cost debt service cost as well as the construction cost if you can. I'm sure there's accountability in Sam's PBOT endeavor.

Nice, calling it a celebration, sort of like "we're not only going to crap in your garden, we're going to hold a celebration over it!".

A couple of years ago when the 50th/SE Hawthorne intersection got mangled, our current mayor held a similar ribbon-cutting (and photo-op) ceremony, declaring it another successful project to improve traffic flow on Hawthorne. No way he was referring to motor vehicle traffic.

Put a tent up and have Jake's cater it. Then everybody can drink a shot every time you hear(a) sustainable (b) enhancements (c) spurring smart growth (d) infill (e)taxpayer investment. It's from 9am -11am therefore screwdrivers are appropriate.

Couplets, trolleys, and bike paths don't COST money...They SAVE us money over the life of the project.

Once you factor in the reduced emissions/fuel consumption, decreased auto traffic, rising income for drug dealers and spangers, and scads of campaign contributions from trade unions and condo mafia, this is no brainer for a progressive mayor who desperately wants a second term.

Did I say that out loud?

We now sit behind 5 stoplights in what was a two-block stretch to get from Sandy and Burnside to get back on Sandy eastbound. Five, often without enough space between lights to hold the back-up. Perhaps "Cut-up" is a better name.

Why wait for the celebration? I would think they would like to get er done before the first cyclist is killed in the S turn...

Does anybody know where to find the liar's budget for this couplet?

Does anybody know how much the actual cost is projected to be (including interest on the bonds)?

I'm curious how much FAIL costs during a recession.

Was anyone else trying to cross the couplet on Grand or MLK last night? I struggled north on Grand around 7:30 but when I tried to return on MLK a half-hour later, the sea of taillights extended north to the 84 entrance. I accepted the highway's invitation and did not get a good look at the exact cause of the interruption of flow. I recall nothing pertaining from recent Daily Updates.

Work seemed to be in progress. The traffic signals on Grand at Burnside were not functioning. Men in safety vests were sort of directing traffic. Saturday evening is certainly not a reasonable hour for such efforts. Perhaps someone knows whether such delays are anticipated in the immediate future?

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