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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Urban (renewal) cowboys

This time it's outright lawbreaking, down in Eugene.

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I'm just trying to find out if the DTURD acronym is an official short-hand for this 50+ year old scam, or if that's the opposition being witty.

It reminds me of the South Lake Union Trolly in Seattle, hastily renamed.

Don't we have a Downtown Urban Renewal District? Let's adopt the DTURD acronym for it immediately - the one thing our Lords and Masters can't stand is ridicule. And what can we do to persuade Ms. McCornack to relocate to Sewertown, apart from showing her the rich lode of municipal dirt to be mined? If the Oregonian had a few like her, it would be well worth a subscription.

DTURD to coordinate with all the Willamette River sewerage outfalls.

The problem I see with changing to it locally is that it may cause some confusion amongst locals in clearly distinguishing the district from the elected officials promoting it.

As opposed to the thinly veiled law breaking which is routine in P-twn?

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